Fortnite’s New Map Locations, Ranked

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Fortnite's updated map features five new named locations.

The map of Fortnite Battle Royale has received a makeover, with enhanced biomes and five new locations added to the map. The changes went into effect Thursday, leading an abundance of players flocking to the new locales.

Because it’s literally impossible to see all five spots in a single round, it’s going to take some time before the five spots are fully explored. But after putting in a handful of hours on Thursday, I’m ready to give you the definitive location rankings.

5. Junk Junction

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Let’s face it, nobody is going that far north. Still, it’s nice to have something up there instead of wilderness. There isn’t a ton of good loot in the Junction, but there is a bug that could lead to an easy win.

As Twitter user Conor Mclean points out, there’s a glitch that allows you to hide inside of a construction crane. If you land there, and the map closes around there, you could hide your way to an easy Top 5 finish.

I almost put the Junction higher because of the amazing llama statue, but the loot isn’t good enough compared to the other locales.

4. Shifty Shafts

Ah, the underground mine. Given how important high ground can be in this game, any round I started at Shifty Shafts resulted in instant death. However, there were some hilarious moments as I juked and shuffled in the cavernous “underground” area. The mine itself isn’t as deep as some would like, but it’s certainly shifty.

It’s arguably the toughest spot to land among the five new locations. There are tight corners, minimal obvious loot spots, and starting underground puts you at a disadvantage when leaving. It’s a very cool addition and will make for some amazing moments, but I’ll be too scared to land there regularly.

3. Haunted Hills

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Haunted Hills borrowed their name from a user-submitted idea, but that’s where most of the comparisons end. Haunted Hills is pretty much a graveyard, which is a nice spooky addition to the map.

A hidden advantage to this area is the vast amount of stone. All the headstones are breakable, and the crypts that contain loot are also made of dense stone. It’s not a popular landing spot, so you can expect to leave with a decent weapon and a handful of building materials.

I’m a big fan of coastal landings, and Hills gives you varied elevation within the space. There isn’t a ton of elevation, but there are a few spooky stone buildings around the burial grounds.

2. Tilted Towers

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They took my favorite lakeside abandoned shack, and replaced it with an entire city of skyscrapers. I’m not mad at it, I just wish some of the buildings were fully furnished. Some of the buildings in Tilted Towers go as high as seven floors, and some of them look like they’re still under construction.

Tilted Towers has been the most popular landing spot since the update, and I’ve yet to actually escape the area. My biggest issue with TT is that although the area is massive, it feels like the loot is too sparse compared to how much space there is. It makes sense that the tall buildings aren’t overloaded with loot, but if I search five floors and don’t find a single gun it stands to reason I’ll be disappointed.

There’s also the alternative strategy of taking down an entire building:

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It’s a fun city in the middle of the map, and the jewel of the new areas added. But it’s not my favorite.

1. Snobby Shores

Boom. The snobbiest of shores. Snobby Shores is four coastal mansions, each outfitted with high stone walls. One house has a basketball court, another has an empty swimming pool full of loot. It is lit.

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From the varied architecture to the plethora of loot, Snobby Shores is awesome. It’s pretty remote on the far west corner of the map, but it’s usually a fruitful landing spot if you can stay alive. Granted, this is quickly becoming a very popular landing spot, but there’s enough coverage and houses to keep you alive enough to arm yourself.

There are two houses farther south of the development that I’ve had some success landing in. Start there, then go north and take what’s yours.