Overwatch: How to Get the Overwatch League Skins and Tokens

Overwatch League Skins

The Overwatch League is one day away from starting and to kick up the hype developer Blizzard has released special skins for each character. Originally announced a few months back, today marks the first day that you can actually wear these outfits in your own game. Sporting the various colors that make up the 12 different teams in the game, users can pick and choose who they want to represent. These also feature the various logos for the different Overwatch League teams, so think of them as jerseys for your favorite heroes.

Overwatch League Tokens

In order to unlock these items first go to the Overwatch Menu and select the “Overwatch League” tab. This will open up another menu where you will be instantly awarded 100 League Tokens. Unlike the other skins in the game, players can only obtain League Tokens by directly purchasing them from the Blizzard store. Users cannot get these skins or the in-game currency via loot boxes, seasonal events, or by spending their gold coins. If you want to sport a London Spitfire Zenyatta skin then you will need to directly get it with League Tokens. Every “jersey” will cost you 100 League Tokens regardless of which team or character you pick. Here are the microtransaction prices if you want to purchase more League Tokens:

  • $5 – 100 League Tokens 
  • $10 – 200 League Tokens
  • $20 – 400 League Tokens
  • $40 – 900 League Tokens
  • $100 – 2,600 League Tokens

To actually purchase an Overwatch League skin just select on the team of your choice to bring up the character roster. Then scroll through the different heroes and pick which one you want to actually purchase their new outfit for. You can also view what their weapon looks like in the various team colors by selecting the icon right below the hero. Once you picked out the one you want then hit unlock in the far right corner. This will cause the skin to instantly become available in the main hero cosmetic menu where you can equip it. Thankfully, all of the different jerseys don’t show up in the main hero menu unless you have unlocked them.

Overwatch League Reinhardt

Be warned, if you want to deck out an entire team in a specific group’s skin then it will cost you $100 dollars if you include the free tokens offered. This is a fairly pricey set of cosmetics so make sure you are 100% confident in which one you want. There is no way to swap these out or sell them back for tokens if you don’t like them anymore. Once you spend your League Tokens the skin is permanently yours, so be warned. You’ll also have access to all of the team’s sprays for free, which can be found in your hero cosmetic tab.

The Overwatch League officially starts tomorrow with LA Valiants facing off against San Franciso Shock. Make sure to pick up your skin and root for your team as this will be the biggest esport event in the history of the game.

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