Hunt Showdown: Alpha Release Date and How to Sign Up

hunt showdown ps4

Are you looking to hunt down demonic monsters with classic firearms and live out your Van Helsing fantasy? If yes, then Hunt: Showdown might be the game for you. Developed and published by Crytek, Hunt: Showdown is a multiplayer title that blends both PvE (Player vs Environment) and PvP (Player vs Player) elements. Players are tasked with tracking down a special demonic being and killing it so they can earn the bounty on its head. The catch is once you kill the monster the bounty then shifts to your head and other hunters will try and kill you.

If you are looking to jump into this title as soon as it releases there will be a Closed Alpha starting on January 31. The details for what will be available to users is still unknown, but thankfully you won’t need to pre-order the title to get into this test. Those who want to participate can sign up for the Closed Alpha here, however, who actually gets to join will be randomly determined. This is the first time that this title has any sort of Alpha, so make sure to sign up if you’re interested in this title.

As for the game itself, so far we have only seen pre-Alpha footage but what Crytek has shown is very promising. Players have to constantly worry about the other hunters roaming the area, but also the various wild monsters that will attack users. These creatures range from typical zombies to rabid dogs to bug infested monsters. Death is swift and brutal, so users will need to calculate when best to engage or avoid a fight. It doesn’t help that sound travels, so if you use weapons then there’s a chance other hunters will hear you.

Hunt: Showdown – Early Access Steam Exclusive TrailerWith the news that Hunt: Showdown will get an early access release, check out the new trailer, full of guns, monsters, blood, and mud. 12 Minutes of Hunt: Showdown Gameplay (with Developer Commentary) Hunt: Showdown Early Access Developer Diary – IGN First Watch more IGN First here! 12 Minutes of Hunt: Showdown…2017-10-12T19:02:08.000Z

Weapons include typical lever action rifles, revolvers, and double barrel shotguns – all of which have their own pros and cons that users will need to consider. There are also several items like firebombs and flares to light up areas. However, this will also give your position away, so players will need to heavily consider the best course of action. If you die then you’ll lose your weapons and will be required to purchase them back.

Additionally, once you actually kill the demonic monsters then you’ll have to banish it back to hell. Doing so will effectively alert every hunter on the map that the beast is not only dead but where your location is. The demon slaying team will need to protect their bounty from other hunters until the banishing is complete. Once it’s finished, players have to escape via a carriage which means braving the wilderness and hunters waiting for you. Death is permanent so every step and gunshot will matter if you’re looking to secure your bounty.

The Hunt: Showdown Closed Alpha starts on January 31. For more news, features, and guides make sure to visit Heavy’s gaming section.