Monster Hunter World: How to Use and Change Your Slinger’s Ammo

Monster Hunter: World


There are a remarkable number of different items and pieces of equipment that you can use in Monster Hunter World. From bows to swords to poisoned meat, this title really lets players experiment with how they want to hunt down their next target. One item, in particular, is especially important, however, the game itself is a bit light on the details regarding its use. This is the Slinger. Mounted on your hunter’s arm, the Slinger is a projectile weapon that can fire a number of different items at enemies or objects.

While this title has several different ranged weapons, the Slinger is one that will always be on your character regardless. However, unlike bows or bowgun you cannot craft ammo for Slinger no matter what. To actually change your ammo type you will need to find special plants or rocks out in the wild to reload or alter what you’re using. This means if you want to shift what you’re using it will need to be done in real time. You cannot purchase this ammo ahead of time in the market so make sure to get out there and forage. There are a variety of different types of Slinger ammo in Monster Hunter World, so it’s important to pick what’s right for you.

Stones is the most typical ammo type you’ll come across in Monster Hunter World and are fairly reliable in a battle. Redpit is another generally useful Slinger ammo type that offers less ammo but a bit more impact. Remember, Monster Hunter World doesn’t directly tell you what plants or rocks are used in conjunction with the Slinger so you’ll need to explore and learn. You can always tell when you picked up a new Slinger ammo type as your hunter will start a short reload animation. After that, the type and quantity of ammo will be displayed in the bottom right by your item quick select.

Even though the Slinger may lack a strong damage output, the sheer usefulness of the weapon makes it essential when hunting monsters. Some creatures like to create a mud armor around them which can be shot off by using the Slinger. Doing so opens up the monsters to significantly more damage and will let you secure your kill faster. Others creatures like to jump up onto walls and perch themselves out of melee range. Again, the Slinger can be used to bring these beings down a peg by hitting them a few times.

Unlike your other weapons and armor, the Slinger cannot be upgraded at the Workshop. Think of this as a tool that is simply used to give you an opening to attack your target. If you find yourself stuck in a fight or unable to reach a target consider breaking out the slinger and firing rocks at enemies. You can also use this item to distract large monsters in case you need to slip past them.

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