Monster Hunter World: How to Play Co-Op Online With Friends

Monster Hunter: World


If you want to slay creatures in the dangerous lands of Monster Hunter World then you might want to bring a friend with you. While you can freely play Monster Hunter World alone, the real fun begins when you bring a buddy or two into the mix. However, this beast slaying title also includes a few different ways to play with others that will certainly craft some exciting moments.

The first and the most obvious way to co-op with friends is by inviting them to your game. Yet, this feature is not available right away as players will need to first complete some sections of the main game. In order to even unlock online play you’ll need to first complete the Prologue and then the Assigned Quest “Jagras of the Ancient Forest.” Doing so will trigger the online option of Monster Hunter World once you return to Astera. From here, go up to the Gathering Hub via the elevator and click through the Tutorial offered.

Now that you have co-op unlocked simply press the Start button to bring up your menu and scroll over to the Communication tab. At the bottom will be the “Invite a Friend” option which will allow users to bring up their friend’s list and invite someone to their game. This is a fairly straightforward method and won’t require any materials or additional steps by the Party Leader. Keep in mind, when you start a party you will generate a Session ID which is unique to your specific game. Share this with others so they can join your game otherwise, you won’t be able to co-op.

Remember, everyone will need to go to the Gathering Hub and the party leader is the one who picks the quest. The leader will need to have a code for the quest if you are using a private server. Then those in your party will go talk to the woman behind the counter and select the specific quest they want to play.

You can also send cute Stickers to friends or open up a text chat box if you aren’t using a microphone. Remember, co-op only lasts for the duration of a mission so everytime you head back to Astera you’ll need to open up a new Party. While this is a bit tedious, it’s the only way to continuously play with your friends. Players can also join random sessions via the Quest Board, but this feature is unlocked a little later on. Users can specify a variety of different parameters so you can play the type of level you want. This is especially helpful if you are farming materials to forge or upgrade a piece of gear.

Finally, players can send out SOS Flares which will act as a way for users to directly summon other players. This can be done by going through Start menu and selecting the SOS Flare. Doing this will let you call upon a random user to come and pull you out of the fire if a fight is getting too tough. Think of it as a nice way to even the odds if you overestimated how tough a specific monster was.

If you do plan on playing co-op with a buddy we recommend selecting weapons and gear that compliment each other. Having someone fight at range while another tanks the damage can be a great way to quickly bring down tough foes.

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