Monster Hunter World: How to Get Armor Spheres

Monster Hunter: World

If you are looking to upgrade your armor so you can withstand the creatures of Monster Hunter World then you’re going to need Armor Spheres. These consumable items are specifically tied to upgrading your pieces of armor, which makes them quite valuable to prospective hunters. However, obtaining them isn’t as easy as slaying a beast or foraging these spheres in the wild. To obtain them you are going to need to finish various bounties and quests offered in Monster Hunter World.

The two ways to obtain Armor Spheres are:

  • Finishing Quests
  • Completing Bounties

To start, you are going to need to finish the Prologue and a few early story missions to unlock the Resource Center. You should earn a few Armor Spheres along the way, but Bounties will be your primary way of farming this material. These can be found in Astera by the main entrance near the Quest Board. Simply walk up to the woman next to the Palico and speak with her to open up the Bounties tab.

This will be your main and most profitable way to obtain Armor Spheres, as many of the Registered Bounties will offer this item if you complete the quest. These bounties can range from simply foraging a certain type of fauna or hunting down one of the many creatures in Monster Hunter World. Players can hold up to six Registered Bounties at any time so we strongly recommend you always have this section filled out. Most of the time you will end up completing these bounties by just playing Monster Hunter World’s campaign.

Not every bounty will gift you with a single armor sphere, as some of the trickier ones will offer 2 instead. Once you have actually finished a bounty, bring it back to the Resource Center and speak with the woman in charge once again. This will let you collect your rewards and gain a few Armor Spheres in the process. If you are looking to obtain Armor Sphere+ then you will want to focus on finishing Limited Quests. As the name implies, these quests are only available for a specific duration and typically involve hunting powerful monsters.

To actually use Armor Spheres head up to the Workshop and speak with the blacksmith in charge. Go to the Upgrade Gear tab and then select the piece of armor you want. The game will then ask you how many Armor Spheres you want to dedicate to this upgrade. A piece of armor can only be upgraded five times and outside of the first level increase, you’ll need multiple Armor Spheres. We recommend sticking with a set of gear you like and slowly leveling it up. Despite being tied to bounties, Armor Spheres are fairly easy to get at a consistent rate.

If you do switch armor sets, just go out on an Exhibition and farm some bounties so you can upgrade your gear. It’s always important to have a good defense if you’re going to hunt the dangerous beasts of Monster Hunter World.

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