Monster Hunter World: When is the Final Beta?

Monster Hunter: World


The latest entry in the Monster Hunter series has almost arrived, however, Capcom has decided to hold one last beta for those still on the fence. While the game is scheduled to release for both Xbox One and PlayStation4 later this month, users can join this final beta on January 18. This beta will run until January 22 and it appears to be open to the public, regardless if you’ve pre-ordered or not. Monster Hunter: World is scheduled to fully release on January 26 with a PC release set for something later in 2018.

For those that participated in the previous Monster Hunter: World beta you will find new content to enjoy in addition to what was included in the last beta. The missions that you can participate in include the Great Jagras, Anjanath, Barroth, and brand new Nergigante hunt. This new quest pits players against the giant horned and spiked beast that has appeared in a large amount of the Monster Hunter: World promos. Whether your character will be scaled to fight this beast is yet to be seen, but it would be surprising if this was the only time we faced Nergigante in the main game.

Players can also try the various different weapon types in this beta as well. This will add some nice replayability to the beta for those looking to get familiar with the controls before the release. Additionally, Capcom has confirmed that there will be post-game content for Monster Hunter: World. They state in a press release that both regular and major content updates will be free to players who own the game. The first major update is scheduled to release sometime in Spring 2018 and will include the fan-favorite monster, Deviljho. If you are looking to hunt this beast keep in mind that beast needs to constantly feed and isn’t shy about chomping on larger beasts. Deviljho certainly has the potential to make a strong endgame boss for seasoned players.

Finally, a new trailer was released today that showcases a plethora of monsters and environments that players will get to explore. The big reveal, of course, comes in the form of the Elder Dragons and the story revolving around their journey to the New World. We also get to see a desert environment, underground caves, a firey, lava-filled location, and what appears to be a swamp. There are also a ton of new enemies, all of which look quite imposing and dangerous to kill. Some notable creatures include a large bat, what appears to be a lava swimming fish, several winged reptiles, and the mighty Nergigante.

It appears that this title is putting more of a focus on a central story and characters beyond what we usually get in a Monster Huner title. How this will all play out is yet to be seen, but Monster Hunter: World is certainly shaping up to be one of the first big titles of 2018/ If you want to get your hands on this game, Monster Hunter: World launches on January 26 for Xbox One and PS4 users.

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