Five Overwatch League Skins Worth Your Money

Overwatch League Tokens

The day before the official start of the league, Overwatch League skins have been released on all platforms. The game starts you with 100 League Tokens, with the option of buying 100 more tokens for five dollars. The best deal offered is a whopping 2600 League Tokens for 100 bucks.

There are 12 teams and 26 characters in Overwatch. Good luck saving up for all 312 skins.

With that in mind, I’ve assembled what I believe to be some of the best choices available from the plethora of options. It’s noted that while some skins are really cool, that don’t differ all too much from a skin readily available without the league logos. There are only so many color combinations.

Without further ado, here are five skins worthy of your hard-earned League Tokens.

D.Va’s Los Angeles Gladiators Skin

The Gladiators have an awesome shade of purple, and it works perfectly with the off-tank and her MEKA. D.Va has some pastel options in her kit, but the purple and silver are a great combo. Surefour and LAG aren’t expected to be one of the top teams this season, but they’ll be one of the best-looking for sure.

Roadhog’s London Spitfire Skin

There’s a few spaces on every character, like on McCree’s cape or Reinhardt’s shoulder. The same rings true for Roadhog, except that every league skin has the team logo as a belly tattoo. London has an awesome color scheme that works well with most characters, but the red dot in the middle seals it for me. Hopefully this is a skin we’ll see in action from WOOHYAL at some point this season.

Any Ana Skin, Especially LA Valiant

Ugh, these Ana skins!

Some of the hero skins, to a certain extent, just look drab. There’s a lot of gray, and combined with some of the more basic schemes the heroes can look somewhat lacking. That doesn’t apply to Ana, who has outstanding detail from hood to ankle wraps. The earthy Valiant tones really work here, but you can’t go wrong with any of the 12 teams.

Zenyatta’s Seoul Dynasty Skin

Zen has some of the coolest skins, and I’m not sure this is enough to get me out of my current Cultist skin. I actually like most of Zen’s skins, but the front, let’s call it a towel, always seemed like an off color to me. The Seoul skin gets it perfect, and the Dynasty have arguably the best logo in the league.

Reinhardt’s NYXL Skin

When you’re a kid, and someone tells you that the NFL team from New York is called the New York Giants, this Reinhardt skin is what you picture. As a lifelong Giants fan it took my breath away. I have already sent John Mara a letter compelling him to change the Giants’ logo to this skin. The Orisa skin gets all the same compliments, but Reinhardt gets my pick here. If only I could play him.

Overwatch League kicks off this week.