Overwatch League: Week 2, Day 1 Full Recap

The second week of the Overwatch League is here and there are a lot of great matches this evening. Starting out tonight is the San Francisco Shock vs Philadelphia Fusion, Florida Mayhem vs Seoul Dynasty, and the Huston Outlaws vs Shanghai Dragons. While Seoul is fully expected to dominate, the match between Fusion and Shock will certainly be close. We fully expect Seoul to dominate once again, but the final match should be quite close as well.

Make sure to keep checking back with us as we will consistently update this page as the matches progress.

San Francisco Shock vs Philadelphia Fusion

Winner: Philadelphia Fusion 2 – 1

Overwatch League

Game One – Dorado

Winner: San Francisco Shock

The first match was on Dorado, with Philadelphia struggling to push the payload past the first point. Shock’s defense was too strong and they managed to stonewall Philly’s pushes multiple times. While Shadowburn’s Genji performed well for Fusion, it wasn’t enough – especially against Shock’s Babybay and Danteh. The round ended with the cart just a few meters away from the second point.

Round two saw Shock on defense, specifically deciding to run an anti-flanker comp with Junkrat and Babybay. This adjustment let them punish Philly’s dive comp which kept having their DPS players die early. Every time Fusion went past the chokepoint onto the first checkpoint they were dropped on. Fusion had one big push at the minute mark that saw their Dragonblade countered by Shock’s Zenyatta ultimate. With their D.Va staggered, Shock simply picked apart the last push that Fusion made and walked away with the first win against Fusion.

Game Two – Temple of Anubis

Winner – Philadelphia Fusion

The first round of Anubis opened up with Philadelphia on defense with the typical Orisa / Widowmaker team. Shock decided to run a very traditional dive composition, which was picked apart by Philly’s Widowmaker player Carpe. Philly was able to hold until the 30-second mark when Shock was forced to use their ultimates. Thanks to a Dragonblade and Valkeryie, San Francisco moved onto the second capture point. The Fusion players held off the first push onto the objective after using both of their support ultimates. Shock just failed to find their footing during this entire match and Philly won the round with no ticks taken on the second point.

With Philly on the attack, Fusion decided to bring out a Junkrat and Genji for their DPS. In contrast, Shock ran the usual Orisa / Widowmaker defense with an Ana and Mercy as their healers. Fusion’s first push was unsuccessful, but thanks to Shadowburn’s Genji they were able to secure the first point from Shock. Rushing right onto the second control point, Philly tried to force their way into a win only to lose the team fight. The next battle took significantly more time where both turns were forced to use all of their ultimates. Shadowburn absolutely cut through Shock’s defenses, allowing them to win Temple of Anubis.

Game Three – Oasis

Winner – Philadelphia Fusion

The first map on Oasis was City Center and we saw both teams run a variation of dive. Shock decided to have a McCree which served as a great counter to Fusion’s Pharah. Capping the point first, Shock held off Fusion thanks to Babybay’s sharpshooting with McCree. Switching off the Pharah for Genji, Philly only managed to secure the point once Shock hit the 99% mark. However, Fusion wasn’t out of this fight yet as they managed their ultimate use masterfully. A lot of this was thanks to Philly’s DPS which put in a lot of work on defense. Sadly, all Shock needed was an opening and they got one thanks to Babybay and Sleepy. Flipping the point for San Francisco, Fusion was unable to recapture in time and Shock won the first map.

Our next map was Gardens with both teams deciding to run Pharahs. Shadowburn proved himself to be the better Pharah and Philly managed to gain control of the point. Every push from Shock suffered thanks to some absolutely great support plays on the side of Philly. Backed by Shadowburn, San Francisco was unable to take control of the point as well. Now all tied up, both teams moved to University to see who would win Oasis.

Both teams ran very heavy tank compositions, but Shock decided to break out a Moira given the confined spaces. Instantly dropping Fusion’s supports, Shock took control of the point but had their point flipped by 40%. Fusion’s absolutely obliterated Shock’s attempt to retake the point with a Graviton Surge / Self Destruct combo that netted four kills. Once in their control, Fusion proved to difficult to dislodge. Taking the win on University, Philadelphia managed to take Oasis.

Game Four – Eichenwalde

No Winner – Draw

Fusion opened up on defense, but they were quickly overwhelmed by Shock’s combination of Pharah and Tracer. Capturing the payload very quickly, San Fransico pushed but found themselves surrounded and completely shut down. The next push by Shock went even worst thanks to Fusion’s Widowmaker, Carpe who single-handedly killed almost all of Shock’s team members. Philly found themselves getting a bit too cocky and it cost them as Shock pushed the payload all the way to the second point after an extended team fight. However, the payload was stopped right by the third point thanks to a great Self Destruct and Pulse Bomb from Philadelphia. Shock’s final push was much better and they managed to take the final point in Overtime.

Fusion followed Shock’s lead and quickly took the first point thanks to some great Pharah maneuvers by Shadowburn. Now pushing the payload, Philly was forced off the payload thanks to Shock’s Junkrat and D.Va. Poko proved himself to be the Self Destruct king, securing two kills and allowing Fusion to keep the cart moving to the bridge. The next team fight ensued and Fusion was able to secure the second point thanks to a Dragonblade. Their first team fight on the third control point went extremely well and Fusion was able to secure the payload with 1:54 on their clock.

On the third round, all Philly needed was one more tick to secure the win on Eichenwalde. Their first dive failed as Babybay’s McCree managed to pick off two Fusion players. On their third and ultimately last push, Fusion was stopped by Shock. Eichenwalde ended in a draw as Fusion could not secure a tick.

Game Two – Florida Mayhem vs Seoul Dynasty

Winner: Seoul Dynasty 4-0

Seoul Dynasty Overwatch

Game One – Dorado

Winner – Seoul Dynasty

The first match saw Florida on attack who won the first team fight thanks to TIVQ’s Widowmaker. However, Seoul decided to contest right before the payload was pushed to the first point. This didn’t work in their favor, as Flordia not only capped the first point but managed to force out both of Seoul’s support ultimates. Despite this advantage, Seoul stopped Florida’s next push thanks to a Winston ultimate. Seoul’s Fleta showed why he’s one of the best Widowmakers in Overwatch and picked off multiple players on the next attack. Flordia was unable to take the second point as Seoul tore through every attack they made.

Florida’s defense was quite impressive as they decided to keep to the high ground. This gave them an advantage, allowing Mayhem to force back Soul’s first push. The next push went far better for Seoul as they managed to push the payload to the first control point. Mayhem decided to secure the high ground and was able to push back Seoul Dynasty twice. However, once Soul Dynasty used their Dragonblade they cut clean through Florida. Sadly, Florida couldn’t stop Seoul from winning the first game.

Game Two – Horizon Lunar Colony

Winner – Seoul Dynasty

Florida delivered a very surprising attack, as their Sombra and Tracer managed to back-cap a tick on the control point. This forced Seoul back and broke their defense, letting Mayhem quickly secure the first point. Riding the momentum, Florida went into the second point but were quickly stopped, but they decided to hold onto all their ultimates. Their next push showed a lot of promise, but Seoul showed why their the best around. Stopping Florida, Dynasty continued to hold the point through multiple pushes. With every attack failed, Seoul held the point with only two ticks on their control point lost.

Seoul’s opening attack was not great as they were funneled into a small room where Florida Junkrat absolutely ripped them apart. The second push wasn’t any better, as Florida managed to shut every pushdown thanks to Widowmaker player Logix. However, with only 10 seconds left, Seoul pushed Mayhem off the point and secured the second point. On their first push to the second point, Seoul won the team fight and secured the point winning Horizon Lunar Colony.

Game Three – Oasis

Winner – Seoul Dynasty

The first map was on Gardens and Florida had a great opening that let them take the first point with little issue. Seoul’s next attack was a bit slower, but far better thanks to Fleta’s superb Pharah. Taking control of the point, Florida retaliated with a dive but were blown to pieces once more by Fleta. At 99%, Mayhem managed to regain control of the point. This didn’t last long as Seoul came back and won the point over thanks to their tanks.

University was the second point and once again Florida assumed control of the point first. Running three tanks and a Moira, Mayhem aimed to outmuscle Seoul in team fights. Seoul responded with a Reaper that allowed Dynasty to tear through Florida’s defenses. Taking control of the point, Seoul held the point until they hit 46%. A big Graviton Surge on the side of Florida let them take control once again and slowly raise the percentage. Mayhem was forced off the point letting Seoul regain control and win the next team fight. Fleta’s Reaper finished up the last push by Florida and Seoul claimed victory of Oasis.

Game Four – Eichenwalde

Winner – Seoul Dynasty

Seoul started out on defense with the surprise pick being Fleta on Pharah. Florida’s attack started out fairly slow as they took some time getting on the first point. Mayhem’s TVIQ managed to rain death down on his foes as Pharah letting Florida take the first point. Fleta swapped over to Widowmaker and TVIQ switched to Genji. It took the Mayhem crew a few pushes before they managed to bring the payload right outside of the second point. Seoul counterattacked and stop Florida from taking the second point, if only temporarily. Sadly, Mayhem was unable to push the payload close to the third point and lost the round to Seoul.

Seoul opened up and appeared strong, but the combination of Orisa and McCree proved difficult to deal with. Stopping two pushes in a row, Dynasty managed to secure the point on their third push after ryujehong swapped to Ana. Now pushing the payload, Seoul had Fleta swap to Widowmaker so they could have long-range cover. Seoul took point B in a fairly decisive fight and then wiped out Florida’s last defense to win Eichenwalde.

Game Three – Huston Outlaws vs Shanghai Dragons

Winner – Huston Outlaws 4-0

Huston Outlaws

Game One – Junkertown

Winner – Huston Outlaws

The first round opened with Huston on the attack who decided to utilize a traditional “pirate ship” team composition. Shangai was taken apart early on by Huston and Rawkus’ Bastion proved to be difficult to kill. Shanghai regrouped, but once again failed to stop Huston from moving the payload. Thanks to the pressure applied by the Outlaw’s DPS, they were able to take the second point with little effort. This trend continued going into the final point where the Huston Outlaws absolutely bowled over Shanghai and ended Junkertown with over three minutes on the clock.

Now on the attack, the Shanghai Dragons struggled to get out of their spawn and push the payload. This was thanks to the Outlaws set up which was designed for maximum impact and to collapse on the Dragons once they rounded the corner. The Huston Outlaws won Junkertown without Shangai claiming a single point.

Game Two – Horizon Lunar Colony

Winner – Huston Outlaws

Huston opened up their first attack on Horizon Lunar Colony with an EMP. This allowed the Outlaws to collapse on Shanghai from both sides and kill the Dragons after a lengthy team fight. Moving to the second team fight, the Outlaws were stopped by a Self Destruct from Shanghai’s MG. Their second attack went better as they managed to keep trading kills with Shanghai until they captured the last point with four minutes on the clock.

Shanghai’s first attack focused around them trying to build up their Sombra ultimate. Of course, Huston was ready for this and instantly counter and picked apart their first, second, and third push. The Dragons managed to succeed on their fourth push, securing the point and entering the second control point with over 4 minutes. This push was halted by a mix of Oria and McCree on the low ground and Junkrat up on the rafters. No matter what Shanghai tried the Huston Outlaws were able to consistently stop them.

The Huston Outlaws take Horizon Lunar Colony.

Game Three – Oasis

Winner – Huston Outlaws

Gardens was the first map on Oasis and the Huston Outlaws absolutely dominated right out of the gate. This was thanks to Huston’s Jake who did a ton of damage on Pharah and forced Shanghai to even switch to their own Pharah. Assuming control of the point, Huston held off Shangai until they hit 70%. The Dragons managed to win a team fight and flip the point, largely thanks to their Soldier: 76 applying pressure. However, they didn’t hold it long as the Outlaw’s counterattack let them regain control of the point and win the first map.

The next map was University and the Outlaws’ Junkrat quickly weakening Shanghai’s defenses. Continuing to hold control of the objective, Huston was finally stopped at 89% before the Dragons finally flipped the point. On Huston’s second attempt to retake they quickly killed Shanghai’s Mercy which gave the Outlaws an opening. Jumping in on the Dragons, Huston killed everyone, flipped the point, and won Oasis.

Game Four – Numbani

Winner – Huston Outlaws

Shanghai started out on defense with a McCree and Soldier: 76, but this wasn’t enough to stop Huston’s dive. Picking apart the Dragons almost instantly, the Outlaws captured the first point and began pushing the payload. The Dragons were unable to stop Huston at all as they bulldozed through their defense and captured the second point. Huston’s momentum didn’t stop there as they forced Shanghai back and managed to take the final point with four minutes on the clock.

Huston’s defense was far stronger as they stopped Shanghai’s pushes over and over again. Much of this was thanks to the fantastic tank work on the side of Huston who consistently isolated Shanghai’s support players. With only thirty seconds left, the Shanghai Dragons managed to capture the point. Moving the payload to the second point, Huston managed to stop them with a Nano Boosted, Soldier: 76. After that, the Shanghai Dragons were unable to ever capture the second point and they lost the map.

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