Overwatch League: When Can xQc Play Again?


One of the first major player banning in the Overwatch League has officially happened and the user involved is none other than Dallas Fuel’s xQc aka Felix Lengyel. On January 18 Dallas Fuel and the Houston Outlaws faced off for the first time. This was shaping up to be one of the biggest rivalries in the entire League, but Houston managed to sweep Dallas with a 4-0 score. After the match, Huston’s Muma was interviewed about the game where he stated that they “Rolled and Smoked” Fuel – which is a taunt xQc says a lot.

After the matches, xQc took to his live stream where he vented about the game and what Muma said. During this, xQc stated that Muma  should “suck a fat cock.” Quickly after making this insult, xQc took to Twitter to apologize for his comments towards Muma. Houston’s player accepted the apology on Twitter, however, xQc was still going to be punished.

The first punishment came from the Overwatch League which released a brief statement about why xQc was being suspended.

As of Friday, January 19, Dallas Fuel player Félix “xQc” Lengyel is suspended for four matches and fined $2,000 for violating the Overwatch League Code of Conduct during his individual stream on Thursday evening. The Overwatch League takes standards of player behavior seriously, whether during league play or otherwise, and is committed to responding swiftly when violations occur.

Too many fans this appeared fair, but Dallas Fuel decided to increase his suspension from playing in the Overwatch League. In a statement from Dallas Fuel, the team stated that they support the Overwatch League’s decision and will be removing him for the duration of Stage One. For the unfamiliar, the OWL is broken up into four stages, with each stage lasting a total of five weeks. Since we are only heading into the third week of the Overwatch League, this means xQc is banned for three weeks. He will not be able to compete until Stage Two begins which officially starts on February 21.

Overwatch’s community is rather torn on xQc’s punishment, with some citing that trash talk is just apart of the game. Others noted that his original punishment was fair enough and Fuel’s decision was excessive. Some fans see this as a strong warning to other players since these users are currently representing very large corporations. We at Heavy weren’t surprised by the three-week ban since Blizzard has always been very firm when it comes to toxicity within their games and community.

This isn’t the first time xQc found himself in hot water, as he obtained a 7 day suspension for throwing competitive games. The player was suspended live on his stream but was still able to compete in the OWL since this took place during the pre-season. It should come as no surprise that xQc is the center of so much controversy as the player is known by many for his toxicity and eccentric personality.

Going forward the xQc ban will only hurt Dallas Fuel’s performance during the next few weeks. Regardless of xQc’s remarks, he was one of the team’s best tank players and his removal will certainly make it difficult for Fuel to climb in the ranks.

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