Paint Tower!: Top 5 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Gram Games | Paint Tower! TrailerLove puzzle games, but want something a bit more creative? Then look no further than Paint Tower!, the newest title from Gram Games! The concept of the game is simple, with a twist – it’s your job to stack a tower of pieces, but it’s up to you to paint the pieces’ shapes. Each turn,…2018-01-17T00:07:31.000Z

Here are the top five tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Paint Tower!

1. Draw Wisely!

Paint Tower! Game

Gram Games

• Draw wisely and think strategically about the pieces you paint. Remember, you can paint different shapes with the same number of blocks; take the time to make sure you’re drawing the perfect shape for the situation to help you build a tall and stable tower.

2. Mind the Gaps

• As blocks begin to stack, make sure to be mindful of empty spaces. Each new piece will affect the balance of your tower – the more empty spaces, the less stable your tower is likely to be. Remember – if any pieces tumble and fall off the grid, it’s game over.

3. Burst Bubbles Whenever Possible

• Crown bubbles will give you the chance to increase your score. Lightning bolt bubbles let you spin for power-ups, or score multipliers. Try your luck, and see what you get.

4. Spin and Spin Again

• If you’re not successful when bursting the lightning bolt bubble, re-spin when you have the chance – you’re guaranteed a power-up.

5. Power-Ups

• Do not forget to use power-ups. Use the Freeze and Hammer power-ups when possible. These will propel gameplay – you’ll be able to limit tower movement, eliminate single blocks and increase scores by five, respectively.

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