Pokemon Go Kyogre: Max CP & Stats

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The water type Legendary Pokemon of the third generation of Pokemon games is now available to defeat and capture in Pokemon Go. You have until February 14, 2018 at 1:00 p.m. PST / 4:00 p.m. EST to obtain it. Once you manage to capture it, you may be wondering what its maximum stats and CP are. Well look no further.

According to GamePress, here are the maximum CP values of Kyogre:

  • Max CP at Level 20: 2328
  • Max CP at Level 40: 4074


    Kyogre has an attack stat of 270, a defense stat of 251, and a stamina of 182.

    As for the Max Raid Capture CP, we turn to Pokemon Go Hub. According to them, Kyogre has a CP of 2328 without weather boosts at level 20 with perfect IVs and a CP of 2910 in rainy weather at level 25 with perfect IVs. The Legendary Pokemon’s CP as a Raid Boss is 51968.

    Is Kyogre worth powering up? GamePress says absolutely. They rated the Legendary Pokemon a five out of five, saying that it was the water type legendary we’ve been waiting for. That’s thanks to its impressive offensive and defensive stats across the board with powerful moves. It’s water typing is also very good both offensively and defensively, hitting common types hard while protecting against many other popular choices.

    Kyogre’s only Quick Move is Waterfall and its three possible Charge Moves are Hydro Pump, Blizzard, and Thunder. GamePress recommends sticking to Hydro Pump as that has the best damage per second and has its power boosted by Kyogre’s water typing and rainy weather. However, Blizzard and Thunder are also solid choices if there is a specific type of Pokemon you need to take down.

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