SOS: How to Get a Gun and Ammo

s.o.s. game

The newest multiplayer indie game that’s starting to sweep through Steam is SOS. Set on an island, a group of contestants competes in the ultimate life or death reality show. In order to win, users must forge uneasy alliances and search out hidden relics to extract with. While a lot of the time you’ll spend negotiating or beating mutants to death with a hatchet, sometimes just shooting someone solves all of your issues. However, guns are a rarity in SOS and finding one isn’t as simple as just picking it off the ground.

SOS is still in early access so the information below is subject to change and will be updated if anything alters. 

The first and main method for obtaining a gun in SOS is via opening small blue cases scattered throughout the island. Most of these will have a visible lock on the outside so your character cannot open them right away. In order to actually open the lock, you’ll need a lockpick (Pocket Knife icon). These items can be found in cars, backpacks, off other players, or just scattered about the various ruins and bases. To use a lockpick, equip it, move to the lock, and then just interact with the case until the progress bar finishes. You will then need to open the case itself to retrieve the firearm inside.

Keep in mind, not every case will be locked and you might be lucky enough to stumble across one that doesn’t need a lockpick. Another method is by finding one in the back of a truck, but this is a little trickier since firearms appear to have a pretty low spawn rate. Remember, breaking the glass on a truck will more than likely set off the alarm which not only calls over a bunch of monsters but will alert players. Be very quick when looting a truck and make sure to always have an escape plan.

As for ammo, one of the best ways is by simply killing the larger blue colored mutants that have white circles on them. They almost always drop ammo upon death, so you can quickly fill up on rounds for your six-shooter or clip fed pistol. We recommend saving your ammo for players or boss mutants since these mid-tier monsters are fairly easy to kill if you have a friend.

Another way to obtain a lot of ammo is through ammunition boxes which are found in caves, temples, bases, or other structures. These are large blue crates that will be locked on the ground – typically near a gun or other items. There are two ways to open these crates with the first being a lockpick and the second is just shooting the lock off. Most crates contain three boxes of ammo which will replenish and stock you up for a bit. This is a fantastic way to quickly load up your team with ammo and get them ready to storm one of the temples.

Guns are very potent and prized items in SOS, so make sure to always try and seek one out. They can be a fantastic equalizer if you come across a team or even a way to negotiate with others. Always keep an eye out for them and try to prioritize these weapons just below healing and infection treating supplies.

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