What In The Actual Heck is Abo Khashem?!

About a dozen years ago I was slapped in the face with a warm Burrito from Taco Bell. The details are unimportant, but the sensation is; I was equal parts confused, angry, exhilarated and delighted. The comedic timing of it all made it impossible to be fully enraged, and the random happenstance of the incident made it impossible to articulate exactly how I felt.

It’s a memory I’d since forgotten, until peeking the trailer for the forthcoming comedic RPG Abo Khashem and feeling gob-smacked all over again:

Abo Khashem – Official Trailerabokhashem.com twitter.com/AboKhashemGame facebook.com/abokhashemgame Abo Khashem is a comedic role playing game, where after awaking in the middle of nowhere with amnesia, you try to piece together what happened to you. With your trusty lizard companion, the two of you must uncover a massive conspiracy involving a powerful monolith. Along the way you will purchase properties,…2018-01-31T04:41:01.000Z

See what I mean? *What* do you do with that? How…do you top that? The editing, the narration, the insanity of it all. I have no idea if I’m to expect this game to be *good* or just flat-out silly. Promising a business management sim, the ability to decorate apartments to your liking, GTA-style open-world driving, Zelda-style combat, and a lizard friend that may or may not give you CPR.

And an evil talking cat that’s shockingly well acted.

The graphics and art style seem conjure up memories of Wii-era shovel ware. But the presentation of the trailer, and the game’s insane trailers and Facebook seem to imply this isn’t a crappy game pushed out to the masses. Toss in the fact it’s releasing on PS4 and Xbox One and PC for 29.99, and has been developed by two people over the course of three years…again, I ask *WHAT* is this game?

I have theories: The first – the developers wanted to make a robust game with lots to do, and decided to say ‘screw it’ to the graphics and simply make the game they wanted to make, guerrilla style, graphics be damned.

The second: the developers are relying on their quality social media personalities to promote and market a game they know isn’t ‘all that’, or is *entirely* a joke, and are hoping fans will be happy to fork over 29.99 for a game in the vein of Goat Simulator; games that are fundamentally toys without a ton of depth.

Third: This is a game like Thirty Flights of Loving, or Gravity Bone – anti-games that seek to be silly and ribald and challenge the concept of gaming by just being flat-out weird. If the management stuff is a joke, the interior design ultimately useless, but the comedy spot on and irreverent, that’d be okay, too.

To be honest, I’d lean toward theory two, but then there’s crazy platforming like this:

Followed by a video like this:

Then go ahead and take a peek at how your lizard friend sounds – and just how many jokes they pack into this short clip:

That’s insane. Thus we have ourselves a situation where a game is getting a major cross-platform release sans – sans Nintendo Switch – and most people aren’t quite what to expect. Which may be exactly what the developers want.

Regardless, the notion of a property simulator X Dungeon Crawler X GTA Clone X Animal Crossing Clone X Cat Stomping Game is almost too appealingly intoxicating;y insane to ignore. I just have no idea what I’m seeing when I pay attention.

The game’s out February 23rd, so we’ll all at *start* to make heads or tails of what this strange concoction actually is, then.

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