Deathchamber695: A Fortnite Battle Royale Story

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A Fortnite: Battle Royale player by the name of Jordan Marcero (@cocoJo24) shared an epic story of mercy, friendship, and tragedy over Twitter.

Marcero began his battle weaponless and on slivers of health. It was here that Deathchamber695 found poor Marcero. But instead of killing him right then and there, he gave him weapons and some healing Slurp Juice.

From there, the two teamed up, taking down legions of players while only stopping to construct massive forts and conduct dance-offs. Marcero said that they had each others’ backs in a silent agreement.

They fought until they were the last two. There can only be one survivor, so they both dropped their weapons and Deathchamber695 honorably killed Marcero.

From there the story continues. @Bjohnston34 asked Marcero if people on Twitter have found Deathchamber695 but they haven’t, leading her to galvanize a search with the hashtag #FindDeathChambers695. @Blacksheep_tate tried to search for Deathchamber695 on Xbox One where they were playing but the username didn’t come up. Marcero said that he may have messed up one of the numbers at the end of Deathchamber695’s username.

Many have accused Marcero and Deathchamber695 of “teaming,” or the act of deliberately teaming up and/or colluding during the game. Fortnite developer Arctic said on the Fortnite forum that the team bans players who disregard the teaming rules for Battle Royale and who do not follow the Code of Conduct. Marcero defends his team up by saying that many compare Battle Royale-style games to The Hunger Games which was all about teaming up. He also claims to have not planned out the encounter. “I’m lowkey so glad that I made a mistake on one of the final numbers of his or her gamertag, because they would have been hella reported by some of these snobs,” Marcero said.

Eventually, operation #FindDeathChamber695 was a success. Two days after Marcero posted his story, popular rapper and musician Post Malone retweeted @Bjohnston34’s tweet with the #FindDeathChamber695 hashtag. A day after that, @drew_swiz found a video clip by Deathchamber695 (who’s actually called Deathchamber985) that matched the gameplay video of Marcero.

Marcero is planning a YouTube channel where he’ll post Fortnite videos and other content.

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