HQ Trivia Easy Mode? “Genius” Trivia Beta is Live!

According to a guy on Medium.com, the odds of winning HQ Trivia are 1 in 531,441. Yes, I’m depressed now too. Seriously you’re more likely to get hit by a car, get called down to contestants row on The Price is Right, be killed my stray fireworks, or be born with 11 fingers and toes, than you are to win HQ trivia.

However, that hasn’t stopped the show’s momentum, with a ribald Superbowl show and a $25,000 grand prize on 2/19, the game seems to have the momentum of a runaway freight train…when it’s not having connection problems.

Such is the cost of innovation, I suppose.

And with popularity and innovation – especially on iOS, there are copy cats, also-rans, and those who seek to do something a little different – the guys and gals who take a good idea, and make it just a little bit better. The folks who sold PB&J sandwhiches with the crust already cut off. The folks who put a radio in an alarm clock. The folks who said selfies are better at the end of a long, flimsy, metal pole.

The folks behind ‘Genius’ trivia, appear to be such folks:

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Like the other HQ Trivia-likes, Genius trivia goes live; specifically 7:30pm PST and 10:30pm EST on weekdays, which is great for folks up late or folks who want to double-dip into HQ and try out this app, too. The prizes have ranged from $500-$1000 dollars. Currently in Beta, the player base is hovering around 5000 or so players a night, which means if you win, you’ll keep more of that precious loot. Additionally, according to the press release: We also routinely do themed game nights focused around a single topic, such as movies, sports, spelling/grammar, etc., at the suggestion of our users (which creates a small-community vibe like you’d get at your local bar on trivia night). In the wake of the recently trending #deleteHQ campaign, we hope that Genius provides a fun, guilt-free alternative to trivia fans around the world.

So if you read the headline above, it mentions easy mode. What exactly makes it easy? How’s over 50 percent less questions before hitting the cash, sound to you? That’s right – each round is only 5 questions long. You get all five, you win cash, bing, bang, boom goes the dynamite. The money dynamite.

As players gobble up everything online trivia they can, and everyone corporate side seek clamors to unseat HQ Trivia from its throne, the permutations regarding the phenomenon HQ built will become thoroughly exciting. In Genius Trivias case its less questions and theme nights. Other apps may try something entirely different; celebrity hosts, short answers, who knows. The sky is literally the limit; and the odds are certainly far more in your favor than they are with HQ trivia.

…And if you’re are trying out Genius Trivia, well, the Sky might just be a little easier to reach.

The game is currently available on iOS, with an Android version coming in the relative near future.

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