Kingdom Come Deliverance: How to Get and Make Saviour Schnapps

Kingdom Come Deliverance

While there are many different ways to play developer Warhorse Studio’s massive RPG, eventually you are going to need to manually save the game. Taking a page out of survival horror games like Resident Evil, saving your game manually is tied to a specific consumable. There is an autosave feature in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, however, this can be unreliable. The autosave won’t kick in during every step of a quest, so sometimes you’ll need to see a mission to the very end to save.

Your manual saves are tied to a specific drink called Saviour Schnapps which can either be brewed up or purchased at local shops. Players can only have a maximum of three Schnapps on them at all times, meaning if all three saves are used up then it’s time to refresh your stock. The first and easiest way to obtain Saviour Schnapps is by directly purchasing it from local merchants or alchemy shops. Prices vary, but they usually average between 80 and 95 coins, but this can always be haggled. Remember, merchants are marked by the bag with coins and alchemy shops have potion bottles on their signs.

However, you can also make Saviour Schnapps, but the method is a bit trickier and more time intensive. Head to an alchemy station – which is usually located behind an alchemy shop – and interact with the large table full of equipment. Make sure you have one piece of Nettle and two of Belladonna, both of which can be found int he wild or purchased at shops for a rather cheap price. The station will not supply these ingredients so it’s up to you to bring them.


Also, if you haven’t learned to read then you might find the recipe book to be filled with nothing but jumbled letters. Don’t worry, here are the steps to creating a successful Saviour Schnapps:

1) Pour some wine into the cauldron.
2) Add a handful of Nettle to the wine.
3) Use the bellows and boil the Nettle into the wine for two rotations of the hourglass. The brew will bubble when it’s boiling. 
4) Grind up two portions of Belladonna and add it to the brew
5) Boil once more
6) Pick up a Phial and pour the potion in to successfully make your drink. 

It takes around 2-3 minutes to successfully make a brew and all you need are ingredients. Normally, this would be much harder and not available until you actually learn how to read. That quest doesn’t trigger until around 8-9 hours into the game, but you can still brew this potion if you know the recipe.

We highly recommend always having three Saviour Schnapps on you when you venture out into the wild. You never know when you’ll need to save, so it helps to be prepared. There is also a chance that you’ll find this potion in chests or on dead bodies, but it’s a very rare item. Once you know the formula it’s far easier and cheaper to just make this potion yourself.

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