Kingdom Come Deliverance: How to Pick Locks

There are a lot of different things you can do in Kingdom Come Deliverance, so it’s no surprise to see the RPG mainstay of lockpicking in this title. However, unlike other games the lock picking in Kingdom Come Deliverance can be quite tricky, especially if you’re using a controller. This feature will become available once the army arrives at the castle Henry is taking refuge in. Lockpicking can be skipped here, but there is another introductory quest that’s available a little later in the story.

To actually pick a lock you’ll need to obtain a lockpick which can either be purchased from a Trader, found in the world or given to you by NPCs. They are fairly easy to come by as you progress through the game and we recommend always having 5 or 6 at any time. Like other RPGs, the difficulty of a certain lock will be displayed when you approach it. Remember, this is considered an illegal action and you will be punished if caught performing it.


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Lockpicking is broken up into finding the sweet spot and rotating the actual lock. These need to be done in concert otherwise you’ll either break the lockpick or have to restart. When you start, the first thing you will want to do – usually with haste – is fine the sweet spot. This is displayed by moving the cursor around the lock until it turns a golden yellow. Only one area in the lock will turn this color, so keep your cursor on that area.

The second part of lockpicking involves rotating the outer frame while you keep your cursor on the sweet spot. This is way easier said than done, especially when you get to the harder tier lockpicks that require more finesse and precision. Before you begin turning the lock make a mental note of where the sweet spot is and try to always line it up when you’re turning. Picking a lock can be quite tricky since you have to rotate the outer frame around 180 degrees. Because of this, we recommend trying to pick the lock in a single fluid motion. Starting and stopping can throw off your rhythm if you’re using a controller.

If you are using a controller while playing on PC we highly recommend switching to mouse and keyboard for lockpicking. This is because rotating the outer frame is tied to a single key and not the motion of a thumbstick. For those using a controller, simply take your time and only begin turning once you are certain that you can do it in one go. Additionally, there will be a quest tied to a miller early on that gives Henry the option to learn lockpicking. Agree to do this and he will take you to a chest that offers an unlimited amount of tries and will always lock, even when you succeed.

Lockpicking is a very important skill in Kingdom Come Deliverance, so we recommend taking the time to practice and master this ability.

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