Kirby Star Allies New Abilities Festival and Stick Detailed

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Kirby Star Allies will debut two new copy abilities and include a popular returning one.

Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu shared a spread of their upcoming March 2018 issue which features Kirby Star Allies. The spread showed off the two new abilities, the returning one, and info on new bosses.

Later in the day, an episode of the Cat Mario and Cat Peach show on Nintendo’s Japanese YouTube channel went into detail about the two new abilities.

ニャニャニャ! ネコマリオタイム 第108回(「星のカービィ スターアライズ」ほか)ニャニャニャ! ネコマリオタイム 第108回 「ニャニャニャ! ネコマリオタイム」は、ネコマリオとネコピーチがいろんなゲームのいろんな情報をお届けする番組です。 【今回の放送で紹介したゲーム】 Nintendo Switch「星のカービィ スターアライズ」 Nintendo Switch「スーパーマリオ オデッセイ」 Nintendo Switch「クリプト・オブ・ネクロダンサー:Nintendo Switch Edition」 【ニャニャニャ! ネコマリオタイムの動画一覧】 動画に含まれる情報は公開日時点のものです。2018-02-14T01:00:12.000Z

The Festival ability is very similar to abilities like Crash or Mike which can clear the screen of all enemies. With this ability, Kirby and his friends jump to the middle of the screen, do a little dance, and then all the enemies are launched away and leave behind stars for Kirby to pick up.

The Stick ability has Kirby wielding a staff weapon that can magically extend. Similar to the Spear ability in past Kirby games, the staff can thrust straight above and forward and even spin around Kirby for multiple hits. Kirby can also use the stick to vault over enemies and attack from midair. The ability appears to be a reference to Sun Wukong or the Monkey King from Journey to the West, who weilded a magic staff that could shrink to the size of a needle to store behind his ear or grow to gigantic sizes. Judging from pictures on Wikipedia, Kirby’s hat is modeled after the one used in certain portrayals of the character.

The returning ability is Cook, another screen-clearing ability that has Kirby toss enemies into a pot to cook into healing items.

Stick and Festival join Artist and Spider as new abilities debuting in Kirby Star Allies. The Artist ability has Kirby attacking enemies with a paintbrush and allies summoned via drawing. The Spider ability has Kirby spinning enemies into web cocoons and then kicking them into enemies.

Speaking of the Artist ability, we got some more info about how the ability works thanks to the Car Mario and Cat Peach show. In addition to the actions mentioned before, Kirby can chisel a marble block into a statue and beat enemies over the head with it. The statue shown off in the trailer was modeled after the Dreamstalk from Kirby Triple Deluxe, so we can expect to see other statues referencing other Kirby games to be created. The Artist ability can combine with an ally’s Stone ability to create a Kirby statue covered in paint. The statue works just like the Stone ability only it’s much larger and scatters paint when it slams down to damage enemies.

We also got to see another power combination in the form of Plasma and Water. By shooting plasma bolts through an ally’s stream of water, they can create arcs of lightning to damage enemies. This is similar to how the Ice ability can shoot icicles if blowing ice through a water stream.

The Famitsu article also showed off two new boss battles. A duo known as Pon & Con, who originated from Kirby’s Dream Land 3, will be fighting you. The other boss is a massive, cylindrical thing with tons of red and gold accents and red crystals surrounding it. It also appears to be fighting Kirby from above Popstar as we can see the planet’s yellow color and planetary rings, though that’s speculation at this point.

Kirby Star Allies releases March 16, 2018 for Nintendo Switch.

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