Monster Hunter World Egg Quests: 10 Tips You Need to Know

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Monster Hunter World‘s egg quests are perhaps some of the most aggravating quests in the entire game. You have to carry an egg as fragile as a celebrity’s ego across the map while its mother chases after you. Yet they are a necessary evil as completing them will add new ingredients to the Canteen as well as potentially upgrading it.

They’re not actually all that bad, however, if you take heed of the following tips.

1. Bring Friends

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This is the most important tip you can follow. Bringing fellow hunters along with you makes things much easier. The egg breaks if you’re attacked by a monster, so having friends along to defeat monsters ensures that the person carrying the egg is safe.

You can also try having two people carry eggs so that there’s double the chance that you’ll get one to camp if not both. But only do this when you have at least three or four people.

If your squad isn’t available, then head to the Quest Board and respond to an SOS to see if anybody is attempting an egg quest. That way you’ll both get the rewards.

2. Chased by a Monster? Kill it!

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When you snatch the egg, chances are that the egg’s mother will be right on your tail. This can take the form of lowly herbivores to massive wyverns. So if you have a monster chasing after you, just kill or capture it. This will put it out of commission for the rest of the quest. Plus, you’ll get whatever materials the monster is carrying. It may be a bit sad to take down the egg’s mother, but those eggs aren’t going to steal themselves now are they?

3. Wear Armor with the Pro Transporter Skill

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The Pro Transporter skill increases your speed while holding items and decreases the chance that you’ll drop them. This is essential to a successful egg quest. Otherwise you’ll have to be mindful of rough terrain.

One piece of armor with the skill you can get early on is the arm armor made from the Kulu-Ya-Ku. Once you unlock charms, you can craft one that has the skill.

4. Be Mindful of Stamina Loss

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If you lose all your stamina while sprinting, you’ll drop the egg. So be sure to keep an eye on your stamina meter and stop sprinting when you need to.

To boost the amount of stamina you have, eat a stamina-boosting meal at the Canteen. You can also cook some meat on the BBQ spit and eat that to extend your stamina. If you have Dash Juice, you can use that as well to reduce your stamina. Dash Juice can be crafted from catalysts and Dash Extract from Tzitzi-Ya-Ku. You can also wear armor with the Marathon Runner skill.

5. Slide Whenever You Can

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If you find yourself being chased by a monster, you can put some distance between yourself and them by sliding. If you see a steep hill, sprint in order to slide down it. Be sure you have armor with the Pro Transporter skill so that you don’t break the egg.

6. Find More Camps

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To deliver an egg, you need to head to drop it off at the Supply Box at a camp. So the more campsites you find, the better chance you have of delivering an egg. Campsites can be found through expeditions or by joining multiplayer quests and arriving at a campsite you haven’t been to. Then just complete the delivery quest to establish the campsite.

7. You Can Dodge

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You can dodge while holding an egg in addition to sprinting, climbing, and sliding. So if a monster attack is about to hit you, dodge at just the right time to avoid it and keep the egg safe.

8. You Can’t Do Certain Things While Holding an Egg

Monster Hunter World Anjanath


If you’re holding an egg, you not only can’t attack but can’t move through thick vines and other obstacles. That means the shortcuts available to you for reaching camp sooner and escaping monsters aren’t available to you.

9. Have the Scoutflies Lead You to Camp

Monster Hunter world tracking


After you grabbed an egg and are safe from monsters, you can open up the map and mark the nearest camp by clicking in the right control stick. Then the scoutflies will lead you right to camp. However, some memory of the map design is necessary to navigate it as you won’t have access to certain transportation methods.

10. Try to Stun Monsters

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If you haven’t killed a monster yet and need a quick getaway, you can try stunning the monster. This can be done by hitting the monster in the head with a hammer or by using a Flashbug to craft slinger ammo that blinds the target. You can also try paralyzing the monster with various weapons or the paralysis coating for bows.

For more help with Monster Hunter World, be sure to visit our tag in Heavy‘s gaming section.

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