Pokemon Go Rayquaza: Max CP & Stats

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Rayquaza, the flagship Legendary Pokemon of Pokemon Emerald, is now a Raid Boss in Pokemon Go. The Pokemon will be available from now until March 16.

Once you defeat and capture the Pokemon, you may be wondering what its maximum CP and stats are. Well look no further.

Here are the max CP values and stats of Rayquaza according to GamePress:

Max CP at Level 20: 2083
Max CP at Level 40: 3645

Attack: 284
Defense: 170
Stamina: 191

Here are the stats of both Groudon and Kyogre:

Max CP: 4074
Attack: 270
Defense: 251
Stamina: 182

For Rayquaza’s Max CP as a Raid Boss, we turn to PokemonGoHub. According to them, Rayquaza has a Raid Boss CP of 45468. Its Raid Catch CP is 2083 at level 20 and 2604 at level 25.

According to GamePress, Rayquaza is worth powering up. Rayquaza has the fourth highest attack in the game and the highest attack among all dragon types and flying types, making it the best dragon type attacker as well as a top generalist attacker according to the website.

Rayquaza can have dual Dragon moves, dual Flying type moves, or a mix of the two. Dragon Tail with Outrage offers a wider neutral coverage than Air Slash with Aerial Ace but those moves are best for taking on bug, flying, and grass type Pokemon. Ancient Power is not recommended.

Rayquaza double resists grass and ground types and is resistant against bug, fire, and water types. It is double weak to ice and weak to rock, fairy, and dragon types.

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