Rocket League on Nintendo Switch to Receive 2 Graphics Modes

Rocket League

Rocket League burst onto the scene in 2015 and is still growing even though we’re in 2018. In late 2017, Rocket League exploded onto the Switch and with came a brand new way to play the wildly popular soccer car game simulator.

By being on the Nintendo Switch, Rocket League is now able to be taken on the go but unfortunately cutbacks had to be made to get the game running on Nintendo’s hybrid console.

It’s no secret the Switch isn’t the most powerful console in the world but many third-party games end up showing the limitations of the hardware and Rocket League is no different. Not that the game is horrible looking but they are some noticeable hiccups with the resolution and a lot is left to be desired.

An upcoming update is looking to remedy this issue by giving players on the Switch the option to choose between graphics and performance. This means if you’re out here looking for the best possible framerate or the best possible resolution then the options are there for you.

As part of the Spring update, the Switch version of the game will have the following options:

  • Switch Performance & Visual Quality Updates

    • Performance Mode – 900p (Docked) / 720p (Handheld) @ 60 FPS with infrequent dynamic resolution scaling

    • Quality Mode – Native 1080p (Docked) / 720p (Handheld) @ 30 FPS with added visual effects

    • Rocket League is a game that seems made for 60 FPS but if you don’t want to make the graphical cutbacks then the quality mode is there for you.
  • You can read more about the future updates coming to Rocket League in the Spring 2018 road map right here.

If you’re on the fence about Rocket League on the Switch then here are some things that might help you make a decision. The game features a few Nintendo exclusives such as Mario, Luigi and Samus themed cars that will help you stand apart on the pitch.

Rocket League supports all of the Switch’s play modes, included docked TV mode, tabletop mode, handheld mode, and features both online and local multiplayer. Players also have the option of playing the game with a single Joy-Con so you won’t need to pick up a Pro Controller or an additional set of Joy-Cons to enjoy this game with a friend.

You can read more about the Nintendo Switch version of Rocket League right here. In case you were wondering, Rocket League on the Switch is indeed cross-platform but with some notable catches. Sony is still resistant to the whole cross-play feature so the Switch will be able to communicate with Xbox One and Steam players but PS4 players will still be in a league of their own.