Attack on Titan 2: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Attack on Titan 2

Omega Force, Koei Tecmo

Those dreaded Titans still roam the world.

And as most fans already know, the only way to cut down their numbers is by taking the fight to them via omni-directional battle tactics. Developer Omega Force faithfully recreated the clashes between the Scout Regiment and Titans in their first Attack on Titan game. While lacking in a few areas, Omega Force’s first stab at the bringing the anime’s story to life still provided some thrilling action. With Attack on Titan 2, they’re hoping to improve upon its predecessor’s best qualities. New characters will join the battle against new Titans, extra chapters of the anime will be retold, and players will now get the chance to produce their own custom hero.

For those of you who’re greatly anticipating Attack on Titan 2’s release on March 20, this preview guide should increase your hype levels.

1. This Sequel Will Cover the Events of the Anime’s Second Season

The first Attack on Titan game from developer Omega Force retold the beginning portion of the manga/anime. Attack on Titan 2 has been set up to continue the tale of the show by recreating a lot of the key moments seen during Season 2. Players won’t just play through parts of the anime that they’ve already watched in detail, though. Original, all new scenarios will also be a part of the game’s many missions. Fans will be happy to know that those extra stories have been produced by series creator Hajime Isayama.

2. The Omni-Directional Mobility Gear Combat Mechanics Have Been Improved

While encountering the game’s horde of Titans, your main approach towards defeating them lies in your character’s usage of Omni-Directional Mobility Gear. Like the first game, you’ll take to the skies and attempt to cut off the limbs and heads of rampaging Titans. Fatal combat maneuvers are a part of every playable character’s repertoire, such as the Hook Drive and Sneak Attacks.

The Hook Drive acts as a powerful counter attack, while Sneak Attacks are activated once your character lands a debilitating strike while positioned near a Titan’s weak point. You’ll also be able to call upon your fellow Scout Regiment allies for extra support, transform certain characters into towering Titans, capture Titans for research purposes, utilize items, and construct bases that assist you in a variety of ways. You can view visual examples of the game’s combat mechanics in the gameplay videos posted above.

3. Your Custom Character Will Become the Newest Member of the Scout Regiment

One of the biggest new features being implemented for Attack on Titan 2 is the custom character creation feature. You’ll be able to customize your male or female character’s physical traits and include them within the most harrowing situations connected to the anime’s first and second season. Along with being able to use your own character, you’ll also get the chance to play with a massive roster of Scout Regiment members. The maximum amount of playable characters has been increased from 10 in the first game to a new total head count of 37. You’ll be able to speak with those characters, perform numerous tasks, and get some much needed leisure time during the Town Life segment of your adventure.

Refer to the full character roster below to see who’ll be featured in this sequel:

– Eren Jaeger
– Mikasa Ackermann
– Armin Arlelt
– Reiner Braun
– Bertholdt Hoover
– Annie Leonhart
– Jean Kirschtein
– Conny Springer
– Sasha Braus
– Christa Lenz
– Ymir
– Marco Bodt
– Thomas Wagner
– Mina Carolina
– Daz
– Keith Sadies
– Levi
– Hange Zoë
– Erwin Smith
– Miche Zacharius
– Oruo Bozad
– Petra Rall
– Gunther Schultz
– Eld Gin
– Moblit
– Nanaba
– Gelgar
– Hannes
– Ian Dietrich
– Rico Brzenska
– Mitabi Jarnach
– Kitz Woermann
– Dot Pyxis
– Nile Dawk
– Marlo Freudenberg
– Hitch Dreyse
– Dhalis Zachary

4. A Brand New Competitive Multiplayer Mode Will be Making its Debut

On the online multiplayer front, a new component called Annihilation Mode will be introduced. This mode will pit two teams of four players against each other as they compete to see who can earn the higher score. Racking up those points are accomplished by working with your allies and defeating Titans in unique ways. Taking down Titans as a group activates a Chain Bonus, which leads to a higher score bonus being attained as your unit cuts off Titan body parts. As a match reaches its conclusion, the amount of points you and your rival team can gain are doubled. Online cooperative play is still a part of the game’s package – you can complete Story Mode and optional Scout Missions with three additional human players by your side.

5. The Titans are Even Harder to Handle

Your overall mission entails eradicating the Titan threat. Their behaviors have been altered for this next go-round, which makes them far more dangerous. This change in AI tactics will make the overall experience for this sequel a lot harder to handle when compared to the first game’s easier difficulty. Once again, Eren can transform into a Titan himself and eliminate the Titan opposition. You’ll also come across the manga/anime’s more standout Titans during your campaign playthrough, such as the Armored Titan, Colossal Titan, Female Titan, and Mystery Titan.

During an interview with Polygon, producer Hisashi Koinuma spoke on the increased challenge posed by this sequel’s Titan presence:

Because we really focused on the anime fans, the difficulty level [for Attack on Titan] was a little easier than what traditional game fans are used to. The threatening menace of the titans wasn’t as strong, so for the second game we’re currently working on that. In terms of making the titans scarier, it’s really the AI themselves, giving them a lot more variation…to add that element of fear and to make it more like the original comic. You don’t know when the titans will attack, you’re constantly in this state of fear.

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