Are There Far Cry 5 Romance Options?

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Far Cry 5 is a game full of eccentric and often dangerous characters that will assist you in taking down Joseph Seed’s cult. Ranging from a gun-toting preacher to disco-loving pyromaniac, there are a lot of colorful characters in Hope County, Monta. Some of the most important NPCs you’ll run across are Guns for Hire, which act as special companions for the player. These characters have to be manually unlocked but are more than worth the trouble. You’ll end up spending a lot of time with these people, especially if you find a few favorites that fit with your playstyle. However, one has to wonder if there is a romance option for spending time with a specific Gun for Hire.

Sadly, there is no romance option for any of the characters in Far Cry 5.

It doesn’t matter what your rookie’s sex is or which NPCs you decide to hang with. You cannot romance anyone in this game, no matter how hard you try. We suspect this is due to the functionality of the companions as they are meant to be swapped to fit specific circumstances. Unlike games like Fallout 4, your Guns for Hire can be changed out on the fly without ever returning to a base. This is meant to encourage experimentation over actual attachment. Some levels in Far Cry 5 will require a more explosive approach, which a few Guns for Hire simply do not offer any advantages for.

However, your Guns for Hire do have pre-scripted relationships with one another. Once you unlock the ability to have two companions via the Leadership Perk they will start talking to one another in and out of the action. This crafts some unique moments where you might learn more about a specific NPC, their feelings for another, or what they think of your current situation. The player won’t have any impact on this, but it’s a nice little easter egg for those who like to bring two human companions with them on long trips.

Your companions also won’t affect any outcome at the end of the game and it’s not required to obtain all 9 of them to beat Far Cry 5. Yet, we highly recommend you at least finish their quests as they offer a fair amount of experience towards your Resistance Meter. Plus, some of the companions are tied to specific Outposts like the F.A.N.G, Center so it’s worth going out of your way to at least unlock them.

Additionally, companions can also net you valuable Perk Points via their specific Challenges. Every Guns for Hire has a Challenge tied to a specific amount of kills they perform. Once finished the player will instantly be rewarded with upwards of three Perk Points. Because of this, we recommend you at least find one or two companions you enjoy playing alongside so you can rank up just a bit faster. Besides, companions can craft some of Far Cry 5’s most entertaining moments. Who doesn’t want to run around with a giant bear and killer cougar as allies?

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