Far Cry 5: How to Get a Silencer

There are a lot of ways to play Far Cry 5, but one of the most common involves sneaking around and picking foes off when they least expect it. Usually, this task is relegated to just killing cult members at close range or landing a headshot with the bow. However, for those who prefer to use firearms, there are plenty of weapons that use silencers. As the name implies, this attachment is designed to quietly take out foes without altering their allies or raising the alarm.

Unlocking Silencers

To actually unlock the silencer attachment you’ll need to progress through the campaign and finish the tutorial portion of Far Cry 5. After this is accomplished, the world will open up to you and you’re free to explore any of the three regions. This means you can visit one of the many shops scattered across Hope County and purchase firearms, consumables, ammo, and attachments.

The easiest way to find shops is by finishing the introductory quest for each region that Dutch will give you. After liberating these locations from the cult you will have access to their gun shops whenever you want.

Purchasing Silencers

Far Cry 5 Silencer

From here, all you need to do is go to the vendor with the gun icon over his head and interact. This will open up the store menu where you can browse a selection of firearms. Now select which weapon you want, assuming it’s unlocked, and purchase the gun. You can see if the gun has barrel attachment available via the symbols in the middle of the screen. If it has an icon that looks like a bullet that means you can equip something to the end of that gun, which is almost always a silencer.

Now purchase the firearm you want and select which weapon slot you want to put it in. After this is done you’ll be transferred to the customization screen where you can alter some aspects of that weapon. Scroll down until you see the Suppressors tab and select which one you want. Silencers come in a round and a box shape, but this is simply an aesthetic choice and will not affect the gun’s performance. Once you select a silencer, buy it and then equip it to your gun of choice.

Using a Silenced Weapon

When using a silencer it’s important to understand that enemies can still hear the gunshot. If they’re close enough to the person killed or near you when firing, they’ll instantly become altered. This means that silenced weapons should be a secondary option if you want to go the stealth route. The bow is simply a superior weapon for this thanks to its range and inability to alert foes nearby.

However, if you’re determined to use a silencer than we recommend picking one up for either a sniper rifle or handgun. These are both good for quickly eliminating foes at distances your bow cannot. Rifles are too inconsistent and there’s a high chance you’ll alter the cult members by using one. Keeps these weapons solely for more explosive engagements or when you need to take down vehicles.

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