How to Get the Flare Gun in PUBG (Updated)

PUBG Flare Gun

The newest event for the wildly popular battle royale game PUBG has just released and it’s shaking things up with its latest “weapon.” This new item is actually a flare gun and it will signal a plane to drop a very special care package for you and your team. Found solely in this event, this allows teams to even the odds if they’re falling behind on loot. It also drives a lot of the action to specific zones since everyone will want this package. Thankfully, finding this item as actually pretty easy if you know where to look.

Updated: Metal Rain Event

PUBG flare gun

PUBG’s newest event – Metal Rain – is for those looking to live out their Mad Max fantasies. The new addition to this event is armored jeeps that drop from the sky when signaled via a Flare Gun. However, unlike the Flare Guns in the previous event, these can be found in any location that loot would normally spawn. This means you can locate one of these rare items in any house, shack, or building on the map.

Remember to fire the Flare Guns straight up, otherwise, the plane will drop at the jeep off your desired trajectory. You will only obtain a jeep if you fire the flare gun outside of the safety circle.  Additionally, these flare guns can signal the larger loot drops that offer multiple pieces of gear if fired inside of the safe zone. You cannot lean out and shoot in the armored jeeps, so just use them as mobile cover.

Where to find the Flare Gun

For this event the only map that users can play on is the desert level Miramar, so be prepared for teams to scatter at San Martin, Los Leones, Pecado, and El Pozo. However, since the flare gun brings high-end loot, players can be more flexible with their drops and aim for less contested areas.

The flare gun can only be found in single-story buildings or small structures. This means any warehouse, apartment building, or larger structures will not have a flare gun in them. Instead, the best places to look are the little shanty towns scattered throughout the map. These are normally a small collection of single story shacks and sheds, all of which have a chance to spawn the flare gun. When I found the weapon it was located in a small shed just south of San Martin in the mountains. You can also locate this item in the graveyard which is just east of Minas Generales.

There appears to always be one round of ammo for every flare gun and they are stored in tiny red cases. It’s easy for them to get lost in piles of ammo, so make sure to check if there’s a large stack on the floor.

How to use the Flare Gun

PUBG Flare Gun

Once you actually locate this item, simply bring up your inventory and drag it into the sidearm slot. Sometimes the game glitches out and won’t show it on your HUD, but it is there so don’t worry. After this, run to the spot where you want the crate to drop and point your reticle completely vertical. Once you pull the trigger a loud bang will ring out and the flare will fire into the air. Keep in mind enemies can not only hear when you fire a flare but see it from a considerable distance. Make sure you have a location with cover before doing this, otherwise you may get killed trying to loot. Additionally, the flare must travel 200 meters in the air to actually call the plane.

The special crate that drops will contain the following loot:

  • Level 3 armor (100%)
  • Two care package weapons (100%)
  • Normal care package items (Adrenaline, ammo, suppressors, etc)

A single care package can supply players with a decent amount of weapons and armor. Remember, it’s possible to find more than one flare gun in a single shanty town or location, so it’s possible to call multiple planes in at once.

Finally, if you are already carrying a ton of good loot, you can use the flare gun to lure players into a trap. It’s highly likely, especially early on, that teams will roam around looking for these crates. Use their greed to your advantage and pounce on them when they’re unpacking the crate that dropped.

This event will end on April 1 at 7PM PDT/10PM, EDT.

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