Humble Indie Bundle 19 Available Now: Mini Metro, Rakuen, & More

humble indie bundle 19

Those who love a great gaming deal be prepared to be wowed, as the latest Humble Bundle has gone live. This new bundle is the Humble Indie Bundle 19, which gives you over $116 worth of great indie games to add to your pile of things you’ll never have time to play but want to anyway.

For the Pay What You Want tier, you can pick up Halycyon 6: Lightspeed Edition, Mini Metro, and Rakuen. Both Mini Metro and Rakuen hold an impressive Overwhelmingly Positive rating on Steam, while Halcyon 6 has an also impressive Very Positive rating.

If you pay more than the average of $5.31, you’ll also unlock Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, popular horror game SOMA, and Poly Bridge. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes and SOMA both sport that Overwhelmingly Positive accolade as well, with Poly Bridge having a Very Positive rating.

If you throw $14 or more of your hard-earned dollars into the pot, you’ll also popular stylized shooter SUPERHOT, and if you’re a member of Humble Monthly, you’ll get a $2 credit. I’ll note that SUPERHOT also has a Very Positive rating.

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So with the Humble Indie Bundle 19, you not only can get all of these highly-rated games, but each Humble Bundle purchase comes with a code for 10% off your first month of Humble Monthly, and if you pay the average, you’ll also get the delightful Poly Bridge soundtrack.

Keep in mind that Humble supports charity, and every month, these bundles feature a brand new charity to donate to (they also have a database of over a thousand other charities you can donate to instead).

You can pick up the Humble Indie Bundle 19 for the next 14 days here. and stay tuned to for more from Humble.

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