Ninja Says “N-Word” on Twitch, Faces Backlash

If you’re even a casual fan of Tyler Blevins, aka Ninja, you’ll know he is a fan of rap.

The wildly popular streamer played a few rounds of Fortnite earlier this month with rappers Drake and Travis Scott and even included Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiever JuJu Smith-Schuster for a couple of games.

Even more recently Ninja has been listening to Logic on stream and has been mentioning what a big fan he is. Logic’s newest mixtape, Bobby Tarantino II released March 9 and Ninja has regularly been listening to songs from it on stream.

Last night, in a stream with Nadeshot, Ninja was rapping lyrics from Logic’s song “44 More” and appeared to say the N-word while rapping the song.

The part of the song in question has the following lyrics:

I’ve been goin’ and goin’ like the Energizer
I’m supplying the wood like Elijah
In the cut, smokin’ on indica
Might fuck around and compartmentalize ya

Ninja’s version appears to change around the last line and add in words that didn’t exist in the first place. This can likely be chalked up to him not knowing the lyrics and instead ad-libbing but it certainly sounds like he threw in a racial slur in place of the final line.

Ninja’s portion of the VOD is muted due to him playing the song so we have this clip to go on as to whether he said the word or not. If you do go the 4:21:45-ish mark in his stream you can see his chat react to what he allegedly said. More than a few viewers said they heard the N-word.

In the clip you can also see Nadeshot’s face noticeably changing when Ninja says the word and you can see his sort of cringe after it happens. Curiously, we could not track down Nadeshot’s VOD from the stream but we did see the part we’re interested has been clipped so that is still available to us.

Ninja didn’t mention anything about the incident and according to his Twitter page he is taking the day off and spending it with his wife. Ninja usually has a day set aside every week for that so nothing is out of the ordinary here.

Nadeshot has not commented on the incident in any of his social media channels either so it’s likely we won’t hear anything out of the two of them, at least right away.

Ninja isn’t the only big streamer to find himself in hot water with racial slurs recently. Pewdiepie left little to the imagination when he dropped the word as retaliation for getting killed during a match in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Pewdiepie has since apologized for the use of the word but it still cost him as the developer of Firewatch, a game Pewdiepie played through, filed a DMCA takedown on all of his Firewatch content, effectively cutting themselves off from Pewdiepie.

Whether something will happen to Ninja as a result of this remains to be seen. The incident didn’t get as big as Pewdiepie’s, at least not yet, so we likely won’t see much happening as a result of this right now.

Early Thursday morning Ninja addressed the incident and apologized in a series of tweets.

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