Overwatch April 10 Event Teased (Updated)

Overwatch Uprising

Overwatch’s newest event has just received a teaser video on their official social media accounts. This brief 20-second video shows various screens that discuss the King’s Row riots. We also get a glimpse of a Tracer skin that was unlockable last year during the 2017 Uprising event. There is also a mention of a mandatory Omnic registration and several photos of unknown locations in the background.

(We will update this post as more information about the Uprising event is released)

Updated 3/30/2018, 3:35PM:

A new trailer has dropped that confirms the return of the King’s Row Uprising Event. No new gameplay or skins were shown off, but we do know that this PvE mode is making a comeback. Additionally, the end of this trailer shows the computer accessing another file called Archives 0274. This all but confirms another map is getting added for the Uprising brawl. We also know that this event will end on April 30.

Updated 3/29/18, 1:40PM:

We can now confirm that the release date for the next Uprising event will be April 10 via a press release sent out by Blizzard. The press release also explained that there will be 100 cosmetic items that are specifically tied to this event. After reaching out to Blizzard we can confirm that there are not 100 brand new items for 2018’s Uprising event. This number also includes the cosmetics items released last year.

Teaser Video and Release Date

The video explains that all of this information will be declassified on April 10, which has a high chance of being the event’s release date. Given last year’s Uprising event dropped on April 11, the time frame matches up for this to be the next chapter. Given the second anniversary of Overwatch drops the following month, we fully expect the Uprising event to arrive in early April. You better start saving up those gold coins!

Event Details and Speculation

Little is known about what this event may contain, however, we certainly expect the extremely popular Uprising game mode to make a return. This PvE (Player vs Environment) saw users assume the role of classic Overwatch heroes Reinhardt, Torbjorn, Mercy, and Tracer as they attempted to stop the Omnic take over of the city. Users were required to capture objective points, escort a payload, and defeat powerful variants of traditional Omnics.

Along with this, the Uprising event also introduced a plethora of new skins – including the highly desired Blackwatch line – and various cosmetic additions. It’s considered by many to be the best event that Overwatch has received, so one has to wonder what Blizzard has planned for us this year. Since Blizzard typically adds new maps for their modes each event, there’s a chance that this could happen again. The Winter, Summer, and Chinese New Year events all had new maps added for their specific events, so we expect another PvE level added.

The obvious location for this would be Eichenwalde given its rather historic within the Overwatch lore for being the site of a big Omnic battle. It would work within the concept of players being able to play during past incursions and the young Reinhardt skin already exists. Even if the mode was a bunch of different skinned Reinhardt’s fighting off waves of Omnics, it would certainly produce some memorable moments.


Overwatch Uprising

Just like past events we fully expect this year’s Uprising to bring the various skins of different heroes and villains when they were younger. While many on the Overwatch team have their classic outfits already available, there are a few heroes who could obtain new skins. The most obvious choice would be Moira given she worked with Blackwatch and is severely lacking in any new skins. Widowmaker could also get a new skin that shows what she looked like before she was captured and manipulated by Talon.

Speaking of Talon, a new Doomfist skin would also be great to see alongside his nemesis Winston. Both were around during this time period and seeing a younger of version of Doomfist right after he lost his arm would certainly be interesting. Finally, it’d be great to see Zenyatta get an Omnic themed skin like Orisa and Bastion. If there is a new event, we wouldn’t be surprised to see variations of this monk show up to battle against us.

Remember, cosmetics for this year’s event will be at the inflated price, while last year’s items are back down to traditional prices. If you are looking to obtain all of the skins this season make sure to buy your loot boxes at the end of the event to ensure you have a lower chance of getting duplicate items. This goes for spending gold coins as well since it’s always better to buy the outfits you want at the end of the Overwatch event.

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