Sea of Thieves Server Status, Error Codes, Local Multiplayer, & More FAQs

Sea of Thieves launch

If there’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s that Sea of Thieves is about to become the Xbox One’s most popular console exclusive. With the game releasing later today, and the game’s developers being pointedly coy about some of the game’s details, we know a lot of you are going to have a ton of questions.

In fact, we’re already seeing some common questions, including the Sea of Thieves launch times, server status, semaphores (whatever the hell that is — don’t worry, we’ll explain below), and more. And soon, we have no doubt that we’ll all be asking for more details about Captain Bones and why we need to know who he is.

With the launch now upon us, here are all of your frequently asked Sea of Thieves questions answered below. And, if you have more questions, hit us up in the comments and we’ll do our best to find the answers for you.

*Update 3/20/18 1:56PM EST: Massive Sea of Thieves server errors are being reported. Wondering what those Fishbeard, Greybeard, and CinnamonBeard error codes mean? Read below.

Sea of Thieves Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you buy Sea of Thieves?

Sea of Thieves is available on Amazon, Gamestop, the Windows Store, on Xbox Live, and on, as well as virtually all big box retailers. Target also currently has a sale going on where you can buy one new release and get a second half-off, and Sea of Thieves is included in that deal.

What time does Sea of Thieves release?

The original plan was to have a Sea of Thieves midnight release, but it looks like RARE is jumping the gun, letting players in much earlier than the original set time. Now, the game will have a rolling launch with New Zealand getting first dibs.

Update 3/19/18 1:44PM: Players are reporting that Sea of Thieves is live RIGHT now. As in, you can hop in, and play Sea of Thieves this very moment. Confirmed for East Coast U.S.

Sea of Thieves Release TIme

Sea of Thieves Server Status: Is Sea of Thieves down?

The Sea of Thieves servers are currently live, and all services seem to be running normally. However, if you’re having issues, it’s best to check in on the official Sea of Thieves Server Status page.

Help: I’m Stuck Searching the Seas

Yes, as of right now, the servers are being stressed to the max, causing the stuck searching the seas issue as well as other server-related problems. We’re fully expecting Sea of Thieves server to go down soon, so keep an eye on the status page (link above).

Are there flag semaphores in Sea of Thieves?

If you’re unaware of exactly what a sema or semaphores are, it’s essentially the act of sending signals to other ships using different flags and positioning. Let’s say you want to let a nearby ship know that you mean no harm, seafaring mateys of the real seas would tell you to throw up a white flag.

In Sea of Thieves, however, there doesn’t appear to be a semaphores system in place just yet, despite the brilliant idea. At least, there wasn’t anything in the beta. Hopefully, when Sea of Thieves launches, we’ll actually see a semaphores system of sorts. But so far, there has been no official word on these.

Want to know more about flag semaphores in general? Check out the Wiki guide.

Is there Sea of Thieves local multiplayer?

Unfortunately, Sea of Thieves local multiplayer isn’t implemented, and you can’t play this game locally with a friend.

Can you use a controller to play Sea of Thieves on PC?

Yes, you can use a controller to play Sea of Thieves on PC. Works best with an Xbox One controller and either the wired USB cable or the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows. There’s nothing else needed to get it set up — just plug it in and go.

Do you need Xbox Live to Play Sea of Thieves on PC?

No, luckily, you won’t need Xbox Live to play Sea of Thieves on PC. You will, however, need to signup and create a gamertag if you don’t have an account already. Again, no active Xbox Live sub is required to play!

Is Sea of Thieves an MMO?

Sea of Thieves IS NOT an MMO (massively multiplayer online game) in the typical sense, because it’s considered a shared-world game. However, you will run into many other players while playing. Meaning, it’s instanced, and although there isn’t any official confirmation on this from the dev team, it’s expected that the game will have 16 players per world on each map instance.

Why are Sea of Thieves Voyages Not Working?

How do you start your first Sea of Thieves quest?

sea of thieves captain bones

Starting your first quest in Sea of Thieves can be a bit confusing, because you’re basically thrown into the game world with very minimal direction, left to uncover what it has to offer on your own. That’s cool and all, but what about those who just want to go 200mph?

You start your first Sea of Thieves quest by visiting the Gold Hoarder’s tent on the starter island. Here, you’ll find an NPC that will give you a map that you’ll have to purchase from him called The Stash of Captain Bones. Use the pre-given coins to purchase this map, and then go to your ship and place it on the captain’s table. You’ll see a “Propose Voyage” option that will allow you to begin that quest after the rest of your pirate crew agrees on it. Yes, even if you’re sailing on your own, you still will need to vote for the quest before the quest will actually begin.

Now, you’ll be able to look at the map in your inventory and find the matching island on the map table. Set a marker for the proper island once you find a match, and head for it. There, you’ll find what you need to complete the quest.

Can you play Sea of Thieves solo?

Yes, you can absolutely man your own boat and set sail to play a sort of Sea of Thieves single player mode. However, it is admittedly quite a bit more difficult to do so, as you’ll be at a disadvantage, and if the goal was to not interact with other players at all, unfortunately, you’ll likely still have to do so because the game would still be on an online server.

Why Am I Not Getting Any Gold for My Chests?

Calm down, you are. Read more about the Sea of Thieves not getting gold for chests issue here.

What is Ask Captain Bones?

ask captain bones

There’s an absolutely brilliant Sea of Thieves marketing Twitter for Captain Bones (@AskCaptainBones ) (a character frequently mentioned within the game). He’ll spit out a whole bunch of pirate talk, give clues, and it looks like he’s going to be available to answer fan questions, sort of like a live tech support. Either way, the Ask Captain Bones Twitter is well worth the follow.

Can I play Sea of Thieves with Xbox Games Pass?

Yes, Sea of Thieves will be included with the standard $9.99 Xbox Games Pass subscription.

When is the Sea of Thieves review embargo?

There is no Sea of Thieves review embargo. Reviewers were sent code last week, however, they’ve been unable to access the game until the servers went live. This puts every site on a level playing field, but don’t expect any Sea of Thieves reviews to hit until next week at the earliest.

Stay tuned to Gaming for more Sea of Thieves.

Is the Sea of Thieves Preload Available?

Yes, you can preload Sea of Thieves now, and more than likely, you’ll be able to jump onto the servers immediately at this point.

Is there a Sea of Thieves demo?

No. There was an open beta period, but it is over. You can, however, sign-up for a 14-day free trial of Xbox Games Pass to test the game out if you don’t already have an account.

Can You Play Sea of Thieves on Windows 7?

Unfortunately, players will not be able to play Sea of Thieves on Windows 7 — at least for right now. There has been no official word from the development team regarding Windows 7 compatibility in the future, but for now, it’s for Windows 10 and Xbox One users only.

Where is the official Sea of Thieves Forum?

If you’ve got more questions that we haven’t answered here, you can either shout your questions to Heavy Gaming on Twitter or head to the official Sea of Thieves forum.

What is the Sea of Thieves Map Size?

Rare is unfortunately super vague on the actual map size of the game, but one thing we do know is that future map updates have more to do with encounter times than to do with just the size of the map. We also know that the game currently has three different biomes, Shores of Plenty, Ancient Isles, and The Wilds.

Sea of Thieves Known Error Codes:

sea of thieves greybeard

  • CinnamonBeard and Bronzebeard

Most common Sea of Thieves server connection issue is good ‘ole CinnamonBeard and BronzeBeard error codes, which simply means you’re unable to connect to the server. To try again, force close Sea of Thieves on your Xbox and re-launch it from your pins. Might work, might not, but the dev team is working on resolving this and the other server issues.

  • GreyBeard Error Code

Matchmaking error caused by massive server loads.

LazyBeard Error Code

You’ve been kicked due to inactivity. Lazybeard, get it?

AshBeard Error Code

You’re no longer signed into Xbox Live. Check your local internet connection, and make sure you’re signed in, you silly pirate.

FluffyBeard Error Code

The devs have taken the Sea of Thieves servers down for maintenance.

KiwiBeard error code

More than one gamertag is signed into your Xbox One console. You can only have one gamertag signed in to access Sea of Thieves.

LavenderBeard Error Code

Your Firewall or Antivirus is causing conflict. Disable them.

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