How to Play This Battle Royale Browser Game

There are a ton of browser games available to players that span virtually every genre, game mode, and artistic design. The trick is finding a browser game that also delivers a quality and entertaining experience.

Enter (Battle Royale Unsung Heroes), a battle royale game that takes concepts from the titanically popular PUBG and flips them on its head. Instead of a first or third-person perspective, infuses a top-down shooter design into the battle royale formula. This produces faster-paced matches that are great for killing time with or without friends.

For the unfamiliar, here is a quick breakdown of

  • Every player randomly spawns across the map with a pistol
  • Hunt for weapons and supplies
  • The map will slowly close in around you
  • Eliminate players one-by-one
  • No building mechanics
  • You can only carry one weapon and three consumables
  • Be the last person standing
  • Available to play in your browser here

Despite pulling many of the weapons and items from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, simplifies and streamlines their use. There is no casting time for using items like Medkits or Pain Killers, allowing users to quickly get back into the action.

You can only have one Pain Killer, Bandage and Medkit on you at any time, so make sure to use them wisely.

All of these items will be mapped to your 1,2 and 3 keys so get in the habit of quickly tapping them in the middle of a fight. It’s vital that you master using your items in the middle of fights so you can continuously apply pressure on your foes.

You can also pick up body armor in stacks of 15 for a maximum of 100. If a player dies they will drop all of their items, current body armor, and weapon. Make sure to always loot the corpses you come across or foes you defeat in firefights. Snatching their meds to quickly heal is imperative for making it to the end.

Most games consist of 30 to 40 players, however, you can choose which server you want to play on. This allows you to hop into games with friends easily and prove who is the best at To do this, simply go to the main menu and then select “Change Server.”

From here you can select which server you want to play along with view how many players are in a match. Keep in mind that teaming up with others isn’t strictly cheating, but it’s wildly viewed as negative by the majority of players.

The other items you can collect are a Red Dot Sight, 2x Scope, and a 4x Scope. Picking up the red dot will instantly give any gun you’re holding a red line that makes aiming your weapon way easier. Your opponents cannot see this red line, so there is no reason not to pick one up on your journey.

Additionally, both the 2x and the 4x will pull the camera back revealing more of the screen. This gives players with a 4x Scope a huge advantage because you can see enemies before they can see you. Always go for this item, regardless of what weapon you’re using or how late into the match you are. is a game of information and position, having more knowledge than your opponent is an easy way to secure a win.

As for weapons, we suggest trying to nab an assault rifle, light machine gun, or sniper rifle. These are the best weapons in, especially if you can consistently land shots on moving targets. Since you can only carry one gun, we recommend picking up an assault rifle until you really hone your aim.

Remember, these are projectile weapons so you have to lead your targets when they are moving. Because of this, try to be unpredictable in firefights and never move in a straight line. This makes you an easy target and will send you to the afterlife quickly.

If you do die, lets players roam around the map in a ghost form. Players cannot be damaged or deal damage in this form. If you’re still alive just ignore the ghost-like users running around the map. However, you can use these ghosts for information since they will typically follow living players around the map.

Finally, there are a plethora of weapon and character skins, some of which can be obtained by simply registering an account with Bitfox Games. There are also skins you can pay real money for, but we don’t recommend this since is just a free browser game.

If you’re looking for a solid browser game to play in your free time then consider giving a try. It’s a nice way to kill a few minutes while you wait for your friends to join a PUBG or Fornite lobby.

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