WATCH: Destiny 2 Warmind DLC Reveal Live Stream

Destiny 2 Warmind Livestream

The newest expansion for developer Bungie FPS/RPG hybrid Destiny 2 is only a few weeks away and the team is showcasing the upcoming content with a live stream tomorrow. This piece of DLC has been shrouded in mystery since its revealed in early April, leaving much of the community to wonder what’s next. So far the only information we have on the content is from a road map and a brief teaser trailer for Warmind.

For those looking to watch the reveal live stream, make sure you tune in on April 24 at 10AM PT/ 1PM ET. You can find both ways to watch the Destiny 2 Warmind live stream below.


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Going into the live stream we expect to learn about the story, a breakdown of the new game modes, and a look at the new loot. We do know that there are a host of intriguing changes on the way thanks to the road map Bungie laid out for Season 3.  These include expanded vault space, Heroic Strike modifiers, a multi-emote system, Nightfall Challenge Cards, and seasonal vendor progression.

However,  the best addition is clearly the updated Exotic weapons that look substantially stronger. So far Bungie has shown off the new versions of the Graviton Lance, Skyburner’s Oath, and Rat King. The former now releases powerful void Axion Bolts upon an enemy’s death that will seek out new targets. Rat King now works for anyone as long as the weapon is equipped and the Skyburner’s Oath possess explosive rounds when fired from the hip. Keep in kind not every Exotic will receive changes, so don’t expect this to drastically alter the gameplay.

We also know that a new game mode will be introduced thanks to Youtuber Mesa Sean who went to a special content creator summit for Destiny 2. Even though Sean is under a strict nondisclosure agreement, he does mention that “You’ve never played a game mode like this in any Destiny franchise and probably not in any other franchises.”

Players got a brief glimpse of the Warmind expansion in a brief teaser video released earlier on Twitter. This trailer confirms that we are going back to Mars, which appears to be completely infested by the Hive. Some areas shown off include Mars’ sand dunes, a large base, and underground caverns.

We also got confirmation that the Suros Regime Exotic weapon is making a return from the original game. At the end of the teaser we get a brief look at a staff-like weapon that causes a massive shock wave when the Hunter strikes the ground. This is probably a new Exotic melee weapon that will be revealed tomorrow.

If you are on the fence about returning to Destiny 2 we highly recommend watching the stream tomorrow. Bungie has been making a lot of positive alterations to their base game and Warmind could easily keep that positive momentum going.

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