DreamKazper Suspended: 6 Fast Facts About Jonathan Sanchez (Updated)


For those just waking up to the shocking news this morning, it looks like the Overwatch League has seen more controversy over the weekend, as OWL pro Jonathan Sanchez aka DreamKazper has been suspended indefinitely.

Update 1, 2:17 PM ET:

DreamKazper’s contract has officially been terminated by Boston Uprising as of 2:15 PM ET today. There has been no word if he will be banned from the Overwatch League or any official statement from Sanchez.

Original Story:

Why was DreamKazper Suspended? Allegations of sexual misconduct involving solicitation of a minor against Sanchez made waves on Twitter on Sunday, and the league has suspended DreamKazper — often called just DK — from the competition.

The evidence is already stacking up against Sanchez, as the alleged victim, a 15-year old fan, posted screenshots displaying a conversation between herself and Sanchez (21-years old), with the OWL player clearly aware that she’s just 15-years old.

In fact, there’s one message (sent via Twitter) in which someone warns DreamKazper that the girl is just 15-years old, and his response is that he “knew she was under aged when she goes to high school”. Here’s the message below:


  1. Here is what you need to know about these allegations and DreamKazper’s suspension:
  2. 1. DreamKazper Has an Alleged Second Victim, 16 Years Old

  3. jonathan sanchez

  4. We just got exclusive information from an alleged second victim, who showed us numerous conversation screenshots showing Sanchez soliciting pics, him claiming he was only 2 years older than her, and offering to buy her an airline ticket to meet up. Read more information about it here.

  5. 2. DreamKazper Was in Frequent Communication With The Fan

  6. DreamKazper

  7. According to the lengthy Twitter DMs released, it appears that Sanchez and the fan, Lily, have been in contact since early February. Their conversations range from simply joking around to the Overwatch League to flirting. DreamKazper also purchased Lily a copy of Overwatch and the two played together on multiple occasions. The two began talking after Lily messaged Sanchez to thank him for following her on Twitter. Lily states that she uses her Twitter account to follow and support the various Overwatch League teams she likes.
  1. Sanchez and the fan spoke multiple times since their initial interaction and Lily allegedly informed DreamKazper that she was 14.

3. He Constantly Flirted and Received Explicit Images From Her


According to both the Twitter DMs released and Lily’s own statement (released via Google Docs), DreamKazper continuously flirted with her.  Detailed in the private conversation released by Lily, Sanchez called her a model multiple times and jokingly told her to refer to him as “Sugar Dream Daddy.” On February 14, Sanchez brought up the idea of receiving a hand job and has reportedly told Lily that he wanted to spank and tie her up.

Sanchez was also added to a group chat with Lily’s friends with the knowledge that many in the chat were underaged. Lily could not provide physical evidence of this given how long the chat is but discusses what happened in her statement. According to her, Sanchez made sexual comments, discussed how he lost his virginity, having nudes, and watching porn.

However, things escalated once the two exchanged numbers and moved to the phone. While there currently isn’t any physical evidence of this, Lily has made multiple statements describing what happened in detail. Once the two moved to Snapchat and Facetime, DreamKazper and Lily would engage in sexual conversations. Sanchez reportedly sent explicit pictures of himself to her, along with photos of him without a shirt or in his boxers. Lily admits to sending him two explicit photos and felt that their relationship was unhealthy.

4. Sanchez Has Been Suspended Indefinitely From Boston Uprising

Following these allegations, both the Boston Uprising and Overwatch League have weighed in on the issue. As of yesterday, DreamKazper has been suspended indefinitely while the Overwatch League launches its own investigation into these allegations. Dreamkazper’s team, Boston Uprising, has also made a brief statement regarding these reports.

The Boston Uprising has learned of allegations against Jonathan “DreamKazper” Sanchez. We take all allegations of this nature very seriously and as a result DreamKazper has been suspended from the Boston Uprising indefinitely.  We will not be commenting any further while we investigate the matter.

At the time of writing this, DreamKazper has not publicly discussed the allegations against him or his recent suspension. Boston Uprising is currently the number 3 team in Overwatch League’s Stage Three rankings and is set to play against New York Excelsior this Thursday.

5. Another Victim May Come Forward With Evidence Soon

At 10 PM last night, another girl reportedly contacted Twitter user Seyeumi about DreamKazper sending her explicit messages.  The young woman currently wants to remain anonymous but may release her evidence soon. This is the second person to come forward with allegations of Sanchez’s inappropriate conduct with a minor. We will update this as more information on a possible second victim releases.

6. This Isn’t the First Time Overwatch League Has Suspended a Player

Overwatch League, xqc, dallas fuel, seagull,

xQc is suspended for Stage One of Overwatch League.

While DreamKazper’s suspension and allegations are shocking, this isn’t the first time that the Overwatch League has had to step in. Dallas Fuel’s Félix “xQc” Lengyel was suspended due to an anti-gay slur towards a fellow competitor. Felix was suspended a second time and fined $4,000 for using the “Trihard” emote “in a racially disparaging manner.” His team has since released him and Lengyel no longer plays in the Overwatch League.

There have also been numerous players fined and reprimanded for their behavior.  Timo “Taimou” Kettunen had to pay $1,000 for using an anti-gay slur during his stream, for which he publicly apologized. Tae-yeong “TaiRong” Kim was given a formal warning for posting an “offensive meme on social media.” TaiRong has since apologized and made a donation to the Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation. Los Angeles Valiant’s Ted “Silkthread” Wang was also fined $1,000 for account sharing which is against Blizzard’s End User License Agreement.

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