15 E3 2018 Games We Want Announced

E3 2018 Games

There’s never a shortage of games during E3, as every major and minor developer scramble to show off their latest titles. From chaotic shooters to innovative indie games, E3 2018 is certainly going to offer a diverse selection.

However, out of all the games that could possibly be announced, there are a few we desperately want to see. When deciding on this list, we focused on games or sequels that have an actual chance of being revealed during this year’s E3. While we would love to see a new Ape Escape, it’s highly unlikely Sony will even mention this franchise. Bummer.

Here are 15 E3 2018 games we want to be announced:



The rebooted version of DOOM took the gaming world by storm thanks to its fast-paced, brutal action. Supported by a fantastic story and surprisingly complex level editor, DOOM was one of the best FPS titles to release this generation. Despite the lack of any rumors or leaks regarding a second installment in the rebooted series, we wouldn’t be surprised to see DOOM 2 show-up. Given the last game ended on a fairly big cliffhanger, there is a lot of room to explore the characters and world.

We also know that Bethesda is focusing on new games this E3, so a second DOOM would certainly fit. There’s no doubt that a second DOOM would deliver a fantastic single-player experience, but one has to wonder if the multiplayer will receive a rework. The online component of DOOM never took off, so developer id Software might solely focus on the campaign.

Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3

It’s surprising that since Borderlands 2’s release in 2012 we haven’t had a proper third entry in this franchise. Up until recently, we haven’t heard anything about Borderlands 3 or if it was really in development. However, this changed when the reveal date – which is rumored to be June 10 – was leaked on Reddit.

This title has been long overdue, as the Borderlands franchise always delivered stellar action, comedy, and gameplay. With the rise of the battle royale genre, it’d be fantastic to get another quality co-op game to play with friends. The only real challenge is finding a villain that can top the charismatic and wildly loved Handsome Jack.

Halo 6

halo 6 reveal

Going into this year’s E3, it’s clear that Microsoft desperately needs more big console exclusives. With Sea of Thieves underwhelming and Crackdown 3 virtually forgotten, a new entry in the Halo franchise is just what the Xbox One needs. While we received Halo Wars 2 last year, it has been nearly three years since we assumed control of Master Chief.

While 343 Studios have been quiet about any details regarding this game, we would be surprised if Halo 6 didn’t make an appearance in some capacity. We don’t expect this title to release any time soon, but it would be nice to get a trailer. Given how big Microsoft’s Play Anywhere initiative has been, we’d love nothing more than to try the newest Halo on PC.

Bloodborne 2

Announced during last year’s Game Awards, From Software has a new title curiously dubbed “Shadows Die Twice.” The very brief teaser spurred on a ton of theories about what From Software’s next game could be. While it’s quite possible that this is a new IP, we are hoping that a sequel to Bloodborne is on the horizon. Given how successful this title was for Sony it wouldn’t be surprising if they moved forward with a follow-up. However, the teaser video does hint that this could be a new Bloodborne game, which would likely come in the form of a Bloodborne 2.

The item shown has a part of it soaked in blood as if it was using a Blood Gem and the mechanics resemble that of a trick weapon. While the writing is nothing similar to any symbols shown in Bloodborne, we do know that there are other locations outside of Yharnam. It’s possible that a sequel is set in a location where the blood healing was imported. We won’t know for sure until From Software truly reveals their newest title.

Here’s a deeper look at the chances of Bloodborne 2.

The Elder Scrolls 6


If there’s any RPG that players have been waiting for outside of CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077, it’s The Elder Scrolls 6. Developed by Bethesda, many have been wondering when we will get to explore Tamriel again. Given Skyrim released almost seven years ago, there’s no doubt that a new Elder Scrolls game is in the works. However, Bethesda has been extremely secretive about any details regarding this game. There’s no word if it’s coming this year, but we expect to see at least a small teaser trailer for the upcoming title.

Even though it’s possible that The Elder Scrolls 6 gets shown off in a more in-depth fashion, this is highly unlikely. We know that Bethesda is showing off a “healthy number of new games,” so there is a chance this RPG closes the show.

The Sims 5

When it comes to simulation games there isn’t a bigger name than The Sims. Originally introduced in 2000, this series has skyrocketed in popularity. Despite the dedicated community surrounding this franchise, The Sims 4 was a major let down. Because of this, there’s a lot of room to grow and explore for the fifth entry.

This could include taking the series into the open world genre, adding cars, and a more in-depth parenting mechanic. Since the last Sims game released in 2014, we expect to see a Sims 5 reveal during E3 and released sometime in early 2019.

Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 Reveal What to Expect, When to Expect it, & Why 2

The post-game support for developer Techland’s Dying Light is remarkable. Thanks to constant updates and expansions, Dying Light has gained quite a following. It only makes sense that a sequel will eventually make its way into development. In an interview with Eurogamer, Techland’s CEO Paweł Marchewka explained that the studio was working on two games.

We know that one of them is a fantasy title, but Marchewka wouldn’t reveal what the second game was. “I think Dying Light and Dying Light 2 would be games which are…” However, before Marchewka could finish he was stopped by PR manager Anna Lada-Grodzicka who stated that “the Dying Light brand is more important for us.” It’s clear that Techland hasn’t left their popular zombie-slaying game, so there’s a chance that Dying Light 2 could make an appearance.

Keep in mind, Dying Light came out a little over three years ago, so we don’t expect the sequel to release until at least 2019. With that being said, it would be fantastic to see at least a trailer or some gameplay for this title.

Pikmin 4

There are a lot of Nintendo titles to look forward to, but one that hasn’t been talked about a lot if Pikmin 4. Even though we know that Pikmin 4 is in development, Nintendo hasn’t released any information regarding the game. Despite this, we do know that Pikmin 4 is reportedly set to release later this year. This is thanks to a snapshot from February issue of Nintendo Force Magazine, which shows that Pikmin 4 is scheduled to release in 2018.

Since Nintendo is a little light on exclusive games for 2018, we fully expect Nintendo to reveal Pikmin 4 during E3. Remember, Nintendo typically likes to have more in-depth Directs for their bigger titles, so viewers should only expect a trailer and maybe some brief gameplay.


One of the most intriguing titles that could show up during this year’s E3 is Bethesda’s new IP. Currently only known as Starfield, Bethesda’s parent company ZeniMax trademarked the name in 2013.

Since this filing, information had been incredibly scarce until details were leaked onto 4Chan and then later copied onto Reddit. In the post, this person explained that Starfield would have space travel, settlement building, companions, and procedurally generated worlds. This lead many people to believe that Starfield is going to be a major RPG like Fallout.

However, another trademark was renewed in 2016 by ZeniMax that has this name listed as a mobile title. It’s possible that this is simply a placeholder name for a companion application like the one that released for Fallout 4. The other direction is that Starfield is Bethesda’s next mobile title, which does make sense given the massive success of Fallout Shelter. Since Bethesda wants to focus on new games during this E3, Starfield could be the big reveal that the show will build too.

Watch Dogs 3

watch dogs 3 reveal

UbisoftWatch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs has always been a big series for Ubisoft, so it makes sense that another installment in this franchise will eventually happen. It might seem strange to suspect another Watch Dogs so soon, but a very perplexing change was made to the end of the second game in February.

It turns out that a special audio message between two characters was added at the end of the game. They discuss the rise of hacktivism in the Middle East and Europe, which is a various curious addition. Coordinates also display that point towards a location in London, England.

Further evidence was discovered when a Twitter user allegedly stumbled upon a special admin command in Ubisoft’s UPlay client. As he was listening to a song from the Watch Dogs 2 soundtrack, a special admin box appeared that mentioned something about unreleased games. However, when he searched this specific command an error message appeared. This could easily be a series of teasers for Watch Dogs 3, which would be a big reveal for Ubisoft during E3.

Devil May Cry 5

devil may cry 4 special edition

CapcomDevil May Cry 4 Special Edition

Despite the very mixed reception of DmC: Devil May Cry, there are rumors that the fifth installment in this series could be on the way. A leak was posted to ResetEra on November 26, 2017, that stated Devil May Cry 5 was in production. Allegedly it was scheduled to be revealed at PSX but was cut so Sony could “scale up” for E3 2018. It has been reportedly in development for two years and would be a direct sequel to Devil May Cry 4. Game director Hideaki Itsuno is currently working on a secret project and isn’t ruling out Devil May Cry 5.

Other users on ResetEra also reportedly had information regarding the games actually releases. One stated that the game would be a timed exclusive for PS4, but would eventually make its way to Xbox One. However, if these leaks proved to be wrong then certain users would be permanently banned from the website. It’s certainly possible that DMC5 is on the way, but currently the only real evidence comes in the form of leaks.

Mario Party 11

mario party switch


The Mario Party series has had a rough go the past few years thanks to lackluster entries. On February 2 a was rumor was posted on 4Chan that showed off a large list of games that were reportedly in development. This leak was shown to Marcus Sellers – who predicted the date of the March 8 Nintendo Direct – who stated that the majority of the games listed were false. Yet, Sellers did mention prior to this that Mario Party 11 was in development for the Nintendo Switch.

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Whether this is true is currently unknown, but the game is rumored to release in 2019. Nintendo will have to make some serious alterations if they hope to keep this franchise in a positive light. The past few entries have all been disappointing, largely because the games have moved away from the chaotic, unpredictable nature they were known for.

Another important factor will be if Mario Party Switch is playable online or not, which would be a series first. If this game is happening, viewers should expect a small announcement during the Nintendo Direct.

New Splinter Cell

ghost recon wildlands splinter cell

UbisoftTom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

One of the most iconic stealth franchises in the entire medium may have a new installment on the way. It has been five years since the last Splinter Cell game and players have been itching to dawn those familiar multi-vision goggles. Recently, Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands received DLC content that let users meet series’ protagonist Sam Fisher. Voiced once again by Michael Ironside, an older Fisher makes an appearance during a specific mission cutscene.

While this could just be an easter egg, one has to wonder why Ubisoft would bring back a major actor like Ironsides for a little DLC mission. Ubisoft’s co-founder, CEO, and president stated that they haven’t forgotten about the series and Ironside himself teased the series return during an episode of Inside Xbox. This would be another huge announcement for Ubisoft if all the rumors would true, especially given the franchise’s recent hiatus.

Battlefield V

battlefield v

After the success of Battlefield 1, it’s not a surprise that rumors of a fifth core entry have started to spring up. Thanks to a report by VentureBeat, we know that a new Battlefield game is currently in development. Known as Battlefield 2 internally, but changed to Battlefield V, this title will be set during World War II. The website also learned that Battlefield V might have a battle royale mode, which isn’t surprising given the insane success of PUBG and Fornite. VentureBeat’s sources have elected to remain anonymous for obvious reasons.

At the time of writing this EA has either declined to comment or ignored any questions for clarification about Battlefield V. Heading into E3, we suspect only a trailer for Battlefield V to drop if it’s planned for 2019. However, it is rumored that the game may release in 2018, which could suggest a larger showing during EA’s press conference. As much as we’d love to see a live demo of Battlefield V, this is pretty unlikely.

New BioShock

next bioshock game

Out of all the games on our list, this is the least likely to actually be announced during E3. Yet, the prospect of a new BioShock is way too exciting not to talk about. Revealed during a report on developer Hanger 13 by Kotaku’s Jason Schreier, one source mentioned that a new BioShock was in the works. Developed in secret, the game was created under the code name “Parkside.”

There is no info about where or when the new BioShock takes place and a source told Schreier that “Parkside’s not ready for lots of people” It’s unlikely that BioShock will make an appearance, but 2K Games may feel pressured to show something after this surprise reveal. Even if it’s just a trailer or even a name, the only thing we expect from this game during E3 is confirmation that it’s actually happening.

What games do hope get announced during E3? Are there any rumors you think are true? How many new versions of Skyrim will be revealed? Let us know in the comments below!

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