FIFA 19 Reveal: What to Expect, When to Expect it & Why

FIFA 19 Reveal

EA Sports

FIFA, like most sports franchises nowadays, is an annual release so we can pretty much guarantee a new one every year. This means we can do our yearly round of speculation and wonder what’s in store for this year’s iteration.

FIFA is different that the NBA and NFL seasonal games in that it has a worldwide appeal instead of just being popular in certain regions. The FIFA series is a worldwide phenomenon and the sales back that up year in and year out.

While not many details have been revealed about the game, here’s what we do know so far.

Note: This article is speculative only. We are not claiming to have any official FIFA 19 reveal news, we are making educated estimations and speculating about the next FIFA game.

Why Should We Expect FIFA 19?

As we mentioned earlier, FIFA is an annual franchise so there’s no reason not to expect another release this year. FIFA is one of EA’s biggest franchises since it has such a worldwide appeal so we can expect it for that reason as well.

FIFA has really grown in popularity over the years thanks to the Ultimate Team and other features added to the game recently. Here’s a fun fact that many people aren’t aware of: FIFA 18 is currently the 7th best-selling PS4 game of all-time. FIFA 17 is fourth on the list.

FIFA isn’t just available on PS4 either. The franchise can be found on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC making it one of the few sports games that can be found on all platforms.

When Should We Expect It?

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‌A fan-made promotional photo.

FIFA 18 came out in late September and that’s been the traditional release time for FIFA games in the past. As a result we can expect to see FIFA 19 coming in September.

Soccer is practically a year round sport so there’s not really a whole lot of downtime for the game to come out in. No matter what the release date is, it will always come at a bad time for fans of a certain league.

It just seems like EA Sports settled on a September release date and called it a day. Some time during the summer months we’ll likely hear about the the cover athlete. At that point we should learn about new modes, improvements to old modes and all around upgrades to the game itself.

Who Will Be the Cover Star?

FIFA 18 Cover

EA Sports

This is a hard thing to predict due to the sheer number of players that exist. Many of the household names like Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Messi, etc. have been on covers in the past so it’s possible EA would like to find new players to fill the role.

There’s a number of players who could be on the cover and your guess is as good as any. With so many players and leagues to choose from it can be hard to choose.

Cristiano Ronaldo was the cover star for FIFA 18 while Ronaldo Nazario was on the icon edition. We can probably rule those two out for this year.

Will There Be a Nintendo Switch Version?

FIFA 18 Nintendo Switch

There was a lot of buzz around the Switch version of FIFA last year and for good reason. FIFA 18 marked the first time in a long time there had been a playable FIFA on the go that pretty much captured the look and feel of the traditional version.

Many cutbacks had to be made to get the game running on Nintendo’s hardware, including building the engine from the ground up to work with the console. As a result there were cut game modes and the graphics noticeably took a step back.

The game still functioned like a FIFA title as its core but if you were used to the home console version it might have felt a little off for you.

Nintendo has always been a tricky code to crack when it comes to third-parties as few companies go all-in on Nintendo it seems like. EA Sports took a chance with FIFA but not with Madden so that shows they had their own reservations.

At this point it’s hard to point to a full-fledged Switch version, or even a stripped down version. Only time will tell.

What to Expect From “The Journey”

The Journey story mode first began in FIFA 17 and continued into FIFA 18 which will likely go into FIFA 19.

FIFA, and then Madden, decided to tap into the single-player market with a lot of success. The Journey mode tells the story of Alex Hunter and without spoiling much, we can say the story is definitely not finished and we should learn more going in FIFA 19.

With two years under their belt, EA Sports likely has bigger and better ideas to potentially close out Alex Hunter’s chapter and begin another.

Will There Be a FIFA 19 Demo?

alex hunter, fifa 18, the journey

Alex Hunter returns for FIFA 18 The Journey.

Traditionally there has been a demo to coincide with FIFA so it seems likely there will be another one. If a Nintendo Switch version does come out then we might not see a demo there due to the limited hard drive space.

A demo will probably only give players a select number of teams to play with but it will be enough to get the general idea of what the game has to offer. EA Access on Xbox One will likely have a trial available if you are a member of that service.

FIFA 19 Pre-order


FIFA 18 and other FIFA titles before featured several versions to pre-order and that will probably be the case with FIFA 19. There were even tie-ins with other games that gave players even more stuff.

There will be the standard edition, a deluxe edition and then probably some sort of legend edition. Each of these versions come with a little more than the versions before it.

More information will obviously be available when the game is officially announced so we’ll be sure to update this post once we know more.

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