New Fortnite Light Machine Gun Coming Soon

Fortnite Light Machine Gun

Another update coming to Fortnite, likely as soon as the end of this week, will be introducing the LMG into the game. Here’s what you can likely expect from that.

Without the release of patch notes, all we can really do is speculate about the LMG (Light Machine Gun) so far. The number one thing we’re questioning with the release of this new weapon is how it will differ from the Minigun.

When the Minigun first released it seemed like a weapon that would at least shake up the meta a little bit but now it’s a gun that will often be left behind if found in a chest or supply drop. It still has small roles such as base killing but most of the good players won’t have space in their inventory for this weapon.

The LMG will likely have stronger base damage, hopefully making it a better fit for the game of Fortnite. Again, this is all just speculation until the weapon actually drops into the game.

If you click on the “News” section in Fortnite here is the description you’re given of the upcoming weapon:

New LMG weapon has a fast rate of fire, large magazine, and slow reload.

We’re not sure if the green image is any indication of its rarity but if it is we can probably expect to see a lot of players using the new gun given its low rarity.

Updates usually come on Thursday when the next week of Battle Pass challenges update but we have been seeing updates coming earlier as well that add content into the game. If we had to guess, this update will certainly be here before the week is up barring any unforeseen circumstances.

More items are in the pipeline thanks for a recent datamine. We’ve seen the release of several of the things mentioned in the datamine but we are still waiting on that elusive Tomato Town Guy skin. The skin is modeled after the spinning tomato guy on top of Tomato Town and actually comes from a Reddit suggestion.

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It has been suggested the Tomato Town Guy skin will be 1500 V-Bucks ($15) so he’s not quite the Legendary skin that was the Raven but it will still cost players a decent amount of V-Bucks.

Players are still waiting for the release of the Jetpack which was announced a while ago but has since been delayed indefinitely until the bugs are worked out. Another recent item no longer in the game, at least for the time being, is the Guided Rocket Launcher which was also removed to fix problems persisting with the weapon.

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