Meteors Hitting Fortnite Has Players Spooked

Meteors Hitting Fortnite

Epic Games

Meteors have been hitting the ground Fortnite for the past couple days now and players have reported having very close calls with them.

It all started when players first started seeing the comet/meteor in the sky, seemingly headed towards Tilted Towers. Players speculated about it but never really put that much thought into it. Fast forward to about a week ago and players started to report shooting stars zipping across the sky.

Eventually players discovered the meteor even made a noise if you zoomed in on it in the sky. A few players have even reported seeing a UFO looking object around the meteor on some occasions.

Now we have meteors actually making impact with the ground, also flexing their power to destroy things. We’ve seem the meteors destroy structures and trees but we haven’t found a clip of a player being eliminated by one as of yet.

Here are a few clips of the meteors striking the ground.

The meteors aren’t lootable but instead explode on impact. There have been a handful of videos and images going around showing you can loot the meteors but these are all false, at least for right now.

Whatever endgame Epic has planned for these meteors seems to be getting closer. Maybe we’ll even start seeing craters left in the ground from the impacts soon.

In the past few days llama emergency broadcasts and signs started appearing around Tilted Towers signaling impending danger. Epic Games is doing a really good job of striking fear into its players so far.

But what does all of this mean? At the moment, that’s a hard question to answer.

Players, for the longest time, thought Tilted Towers would be destroyed as a result of all of this. Meteors have been striking Fortnite all across the map so Tilted Towers isn’t the only danger zone. One thing players should still be concerned with is the mega meteor still in the sky.

The first meteor players first started seeing could still lay waste to Tilted Towers and all these other meteorites could just be breaking off from the one big one. It’s still a little too early to say for certain what the plan is but that seems just as likely as any.

A new game mode called Impact was datamined earlier this month and it certainly sounded like it would center around the meteor. We still haven’t received any official news regarding the mode so we’re still playing it by ear.

Season 3 ends April 30 so we still have some time to see the mode announced and introduced but there’s not a whole lot of time left. To make matters even worse, Epic Games gave us our first teaser on what to expect in Fortnite Season 4.

A single image was revealed showcasing what looks like a superhero, indicating the theme for the next season will be superheroes. It comes at an interesting time as superhero fever is arguably at its all-time high with the release of the new Avengers movie.

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