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Racing game fans constantly lament the absence of the Burnout franchise.

While the remastered edition of Burnout Paradise has satiated some, the rest of its fanbase miss the excellence that is Burnout 3: Takedown. The high-speed racing and crashing thrills of the series made it one of the most memorable racers ever released on consoles.

The former development team known as Evolution Studious knows a thing or two about chaotic racers. During their tenure under Sony, they produced four amazing games in the genre – Driveclub and three MotorStorm entries. After being shuttered by Sony, the team aligned themselves with Codemasters to create a new racing gam experience. And by the looks of things, it looks to be the game that gives Burnout fans a new arcade racer to be floored by.

Here’s a complete breakdown of Codemasters’ upcoming summer blockbuster racer, Onrush.

Onrush Release Date



The Onrush release date is slated for Summer, specifically June 5, 2018.

Onrush Reveal Trailer

ONRUSH | Announcement TrailerONRUSH is an all-action arcade racing game like no other. GET READY FOR THE RUSH! Coming Summer 2018 // Follow the RUSH on… twitter.com/onrushgame facebook.com/onrushgame instagram.com/onrushgame reddit.com/r/onrushgame2017-10-30T17:36:31Z

Onrush Platforms



Codemasters announced that Onrush will be playable on PS4 and Xbox One. An Onrush PC release is slated to launch at a later date. The developers behind the game offered the statement seen below as to why Onrush isn’t coming to Nintendo Switch:

We are all BIG fans of the Nintendo Switch – in fact, most of the guys here spend their lunchtimes collecting moons! But, right now, bringing Onrush to the Switch is not something we’ve looked at in too much depth. Onrush is a fast, chaotic, adrenaline filled arcade racer and we wanted to focus on bringing that madness into your living room via Xbox and PlayStation.

Gameplay Mechanics



Onrush is a racing game made in the vein of arcade racers. Players are able to take control of cars, motorcycles, and off-road vehicles and navigate massive tracks of varying environmental themes.

In order to acquire boost for one’s vehicle, players must perform death defying feats. Those feats include smashing into other racers to cause them to crash and performing stunts while your vehicle is airborne. These mid-air stunts involve using your ride to pull off flips, jumps, and even barrel rolls.



What separates Onrush from other arcade racers is its ability to place a huge pack of vehicles on a single track at one time. 12 player-controlled and 12 AI-controlled vehicles will all be racing on a track simultaneously (this mechanic has been referred to as “The Stampede” by the game’s developers). With 24 vehicles all tearing up the track at once, it’s easier to smash into whoever’s close in order to rack up more boost.

The devs have made respawning less of a headache, too – getting back into the race after crashing is always a quick affair. When you do wipe out, your vehicle will leave a Tombstone in the exact spot you crashed it at. It’s even possible to smash into these tombstones and gain boost for doing so.

Vehicle Classes



Onrush’s vehicles have been split into eight classes – Blade, Outlaw, Vortex, Charger, Interceptor, Dynamo, Titan, and Enforcer. Each class comes with their own unique style, handling and special abilities. It’s even possible to change the type of vehicle you’re controlling mid-race. In an interview with Engadget, game director Paul Rustchynsky spoke on the game’s implementation of vehicle classes:

All the abilities and vehicles are going to be controlled by us. We want it to be like a lineup of heroes in Overwatch. We want to be able to balance them so that they’re perfectly optimized and everyone has an equal opportunity of having fun and success in every single class.



Codemasters made sure to describe each car class in great detail in the list posted below:

Rush: Firewall – RUSHing leaves a destructive trail of fire scorching the earth behind.
Ability: Crashbang – Your Tombstones are blinding when collected by opponents.
Trait: Tumbler – Earn RUSH directly from front and back flips.

Rush: Drain – RUSHing drains boost from all opponents in range.
Ability: Slam – Heavy landings trigger a shockwave that makes nearby enemies vulnerable.
Trait: Show-Off – Earn RUSH directly from performing tricks.

Rush: Turbulence – RUSHing leaves a disruptive wake of turbulent air behind.
Ability: Touchdown – Timed boost landings are more effective.
Trait: Spiral – Earn Rush: directly from performing barrel rolls.

Rush: Bulldoze – Plow through opponents with a physically larger RUSH effect.
Ability: Airstrike – Improved magnetism on in-air attacks.
Trait: Daredevil – Earn RUSH from driving near enemies.

Rush: Rampage – Refill your RUSH gauge with every successful takedown.
Ability: Surge – Initial boost usage is more powerful but more costly.
Trait: Pinpoint – Earn RUSH directly from performing near misses.

Rush: Energize – RUSHing supplies nearby teammates with boost.
Ability: Restock – Drop boost pick-ups for your team when you boost.
Trait: Unite – Earn RUSH directly from driving near teammates.

Rush: Blockade – RUSHing drops a trail of blockades that slow your opponents down.
Ability: Shield – Give nearby teammates a shield that offers protection from big hits.
Trait: Impact – Earn RUSH directly from taking down opponents.

Rush: Blackout – RUSHing blinds any opponent following behind.
Ability: Shutdown – Hit opponents to temporarily disable their boost.
Trait: Bully – Earn RUSH directly from taking down fodder.




Surprisingly, Onrush’s races don’t focus on a player winning by coming in first place. There are two main modes of play – Countdown and Overdrive. Countdown divides 24 vehicles into two competing teams. Both teams are tasked with keeping their countdown clock full by racing through gates, which adds more time to it. A team becomes victorious if the other team runs out of time and leaves the winning team with some time still left on their clock.

Overdrive is another 12v12, team-based mode. Both teams must acquire a set number of points in order to win. This is done by chaining together moves that award you with extra boost and Rush (a more powerful version of boost that builds throughout a race). Both modes are played with best out of three rounds rules. Check out the official description of Onrush’s two other playable modes below:

Lockdown: Lockdown is a race to fight for control of a moving zone in a 100mph King of the Hill free for all. Get in the zone and fight for survival.

Switch: Survive as long as you can hunting down your opponents. You’ll get increasingly stronger vehicles each time you’re knocked out, but so will they. Be strategic and work with your team to win.

Onrush Single-Player and Multiplayer



Upon launch, Onrush will feature a full single-player campaign. It’s also possible to complete any of the campaign’s challenges with an online friend. Codemasters has made it clear that this mode will come with close to 100 individual events. As for the competitive multiplayer suite, Onrush will feature online 6v6 challenges in Countdown and Overdrive. Along with the 12 human vehicles placed on the track during these online competitions, 12 extra computer-controlled vehicles will also participate in the festivities.



Local splitscreen, VR support, and steering wheel support won’t be included at launch. Codemasters has made it clear that there won’t be any presence of microtransactions on day one. There will be a crate system included in the game that helps unlock new cosmetic items for your avatar and vehicle.

Onrush Trailers

Midweek RUSH – How the ONRUSH trailer was madeWELCOME TO MIDWEEK RUSH! A NEW vlog series that will bring you closer to the action behind the scenes of ONRUSH. We will be bringing you exclusive behind the scenes access so you can see how ONRUSH is made, and meet the amazing people behind this new breed of arcade racer. This week we chat…2017-11-23T11:58:44Z

ONRUSH | Stampede Teaser TrailerCan you hear that? There's a stampede coming. Are you ready? Are you ready for the RUSH? For more news and info on ONRUSH, join the conversation over on… facebook.com/onrushgame twitter.com/onrushgame reddit.com/r/onrushgame instagram.com/onrushgame2018-02-15T14:01:24Z

ONRUSH | Stampede TrailerFor all of the latest ONRUSH news and info, head to: twitter.com/onrushgame facebook.com/onrushgame instagram.com/onrushgame reddit.com/r/onrushgame2018-02-20T14:00:04Z

VideoVideo related to onrush: release date, trailers, modes & more2018-04-03T15:46:39-04:00

ONRUSH | Race, Wreck, Repeat [US]Race hard. Wreck harder. Twitter: twitter.com/onrushgame Facebook: facebook.com/onrushgame Instagram: instagram.com/onrushgame/ Reddit: reddit.com/r/onrushgame/2018-04-05T13:00:15Z

ONRUSH | Choose Your Weapon [US]Choose your weapon. Take control of The Stampede. Pre-order: onrushgame.com/ Twitter: twitter.com/onrushgame Facebook: facebook.com/onrushgame Instagram: instagram.com/onrushgame/ Reddit: reddit.com/r/onrushgame/2018-04-24T13:00:02Z

ONRUSH | Join Us [US]Team Up Fight Hard Join The Stampede Pre-order: onrushgame.com/ Twitter: twitter.com/onrushgame Facebook: facebook.com/onrushgame Instagram: instagram.com/onrushgame/ Reddit: reddit.com/r/onrushgame/2018-05-17T13:00:42Z

ONRUSH | Game Modes [US]Take an in-depth look at the four, unique, team-based game modes in ONRUSH Countdown Lockdown Overdrive Switch Pre-order: onrushgame.com/ Twitter: twitter.com/onrushgame Facebook: facebook.com/onrushgame Instagram: instagram.com/onrushgame/ Reddit: reddit.com/r/onrushgame/2018-05-25T13:01:24Z

Onrush Pre-Order



Onrush is available as a physical release through Amazon, GameStop, Best Buy, and other retailers. It can also be obtained digitally as a Standard Edition or Deluxe Edition through the PlayStation Store or Xbox’s Microsoft storefront. Pre-ordering the physical/digital Standard Edition means you’ll gain access to a Day One Edition unlock of the “Vortex” Buggy vehicle design.

As for the pre-order bonuses that the Digital Deluxe Edition offers, it also comes with the “Vortex” Buggy design, eight exclusive vehicle designs with gold & black liveries, extra Crashtag artwork, and additional Track Tombstones. If you pre-order the Digital Deluxe Edition on PS4, you’ll get early access to the Onrush beta that’ll arrive in May 2018.

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