PES 2019 Release Date Announced

pes 2019 release date


The first details, release date, and screenshots for Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 have been formally announced by publisher Konami after they were leaked back in April.

IGN confirmed that the game will be released on August 28 for PS4 and Xbox One and August 30 for PC.

The game is coming with two physical editions with Phillippe Coutinho on the front cover of the standard edition and David Beckham on the cover of the special edition. The special edition grants players myClub bonuses and the Beckham player along with a loan of the Coutinho player for 10 matches. The standard edition only loans Beckham for 10 matches along with the loan for Courinho as well as myClub bonuses. There is also a digital-only Legend edition available at launch that includes one Legend player from a pool of 11 along with Beckham, a loan of Coutinho, and myClub bonuses.

Konami said that there will be more licenses, including more fully licensed leagues and stadiums and a variety of new Legends to play with according to IGN. However last April the company lost its UEFA Champions League license after a 10-year partnership as the publication reported.

The PES official Twitter account dives into the details of the new features coming to PES 2019. The game will feature “the biggest myClub revamp to date” with a new player card system that changes the way players build squads. myClub will feature High Performance Players that have boosted stats and maybe new skills for a limited period depending on their performance in past matches, according to the official website. The game also has Legend Players like Beckham, Maradona, Cruyff, Nedvěd, Gullit, Maldini, and Kahn with more introduced later. myClub also features PES League weekly matches where you compete against other users within you group with your position and division changing based on your performance. Top ranking players will get nifty rewards.

The game also features 11 new skill traits for a total of 39 including cross over turn, no-look pass, controlled chip, dipping shot, and rising shot, according to the website. Quick substitutions are available when the ball goes out of play with a button press giving players recommended changes based on stamina and position. Ball trajectory is now based on posture and how the ball was kicked along with the tweaked full body touch feature and other changes to make ball physics more believable.

The graphics have received an upgrade as well with enhanced animations, lighting, weather effects, crowd details, as well as 4K HDR support across all capable platforms according to the website. Players also give a clear indication when they are fatigued which is incorporated into the new stamina system.

The ML Real Season has you taking part in the International Champions Cup before the season begins, according to the website. There’s also an enhanced negotiation system and budget management.

You can pre-order the game as well as check out the stuff that comes with each edition here.

pes 2019


A listing for the game appeared on the PlayStation Store for Hong Kong last April but was taken down, as Dark Side of Gaming reported.

The PES 2019 release date was listed as August 30, 2018. This makes the leak correct at least for the PC edition. This is earlier than the releases of the past couple of entries which generally released in mid September.

The listing’s description was actually pretty accurate in terms of what was included in the game, including the addition of more licensed leagues, myClub enhancements, details on ML Real Season, the 11 new skills, graphics enhancements, and more.

pro evolution soccer 2019


The PES series has been going strong since October 2001 and has had 17 installments since then all releasing annually. The series has generally been well received with the recent entries earning an average of eight out of 10 on Metacritic. However the PC ports of PES 2016 and PES 2017 were notorious for carrying over the features and character models of the PS4 and Xbox One versions while carrying over the graphics from the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. The PC port of PES 2018 finally fixed this problem, however.

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