Major PUBG Mobile Update Available Now

PUBG Mobile Update

PUBG Corp. And Tencent have announced that the first major PUBG Mobile update is available on Android and iOS. The update includes two new game modes: Arcade and Training Grounds modes.

Arcade Mode involves 28 players sent into one of three themes. The first theme limits the players to only one weapon type (i.e. Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, Pistols). The second theme is melee combat only, no weapons will be provided to players. The third theme is pure chaos, where all weapons and items are available for the taking.

Training Grounds is much like it sounds, where players can try out all of the weapons and items available in the game. Whether you want to test your aim or find out the exact radius of a grenade, Training Grounds is the place to do it without influencing your spot on the leaderboards.

In addition to the two new modes, combat and gameplay have been updated to iron out a few more wrinkles. For example, the follow function has been added, doors can be opened automatically (you can find this switch in settings), picking up multiple items is faster now, and Nitrous Oxide engines have been added to cars. The latter will make vehicles a lot faster and possibly even more noisy, so climb into the driver’s seat with caution.

Most importantly, Tencent has stated that they “will begin banning players found to be cheating effective immediately, to ensure healthy competitive play.” The conditions of cheating on mobile currently includes players who are “using software or additional hardware to gain an unfair advantage.”

Tencent has not made it clear exactly what hardware is regarded as cheating, like controllers that attach to your phone. As such, if you do tend to play PUBG Mobile with attached controls, it might be best to avoid using them until Tencent makes this condition clear.

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