PUBG’s New Savage Map: The Best Places to Drop

PUBG Savage Map

PUBG’s newest map has officially hit the experimental test servers and it’s already flooded with players trying to slaughter one another. However, as more users move past the hype and unique design, one has to wonder where the best places to drop are. Keep in mind we are on a test server so virtually anything about the Savage map is subject to change. We will continuously update this post as the Savage map progresses and develops. Make sure to keep checking back with us to see where the best places to drop are.


  • Training Center: The major location that a lot of players drop is located in the center of Savage’s mapped. Currently named “Training Center,” this location is a large military complex full of shooting ranges, guard towers, and large structures to explore. Think of Training Center as Savage’s version of School or Hacienda. There is a ton of loot here including sniper rifles, assault rifles, and level 3 armor pieces. If you are looking to get right into the action then Training Center is the place for you.


  • River Town: This city is split down the middle by the lone river that runs through the map. Because of this, obtaining loot quickly can be tricky, but it’s usually worth the effort. While we haven’t had as much success finding high-end gear, we consistently found both assault rifles and sniper rifles here. There were also a number of good attachments, however, make sure to check if the coast is clear before crossing the river. The last thing you want is to be gunned down crossing the bridge or swimming.


  • Beach: A lesser used location, Beach is a fantastic starting point for those who like to stay out of early game chaotic action. This area consists of several different huts and three docks that typically contain loot. What makes Beach such a great location to drop at is the accessibility it offers users. Typically a boat will either spawn right by the beach or across from it, allowing players to move quickly around the map via the river or coastline. It’s a great way to efficiently obtain some items and then drive over to another location to raid for supplies.


  • The Bootcamps: There are three bootcamps scattered across Savage and each one if a solid place to drop for loot. These are currently hotly contested areas thanks to the close quarters fighting and an overabundance of guns, ammo, and consumables. A fair amount of people usually drop at the first one that crosses the plane’s path. Because of this, when you land try to stick to the borders to avoid being surrounded by foes on all sides. We recommend dropping at Bootcamp Alpha thanks the close proximity


  • Abandoned Resort: Our final location to drop at is the Abandoned Resort. Broken up by two motel-esc buildings and several smaller structures, the resort is filled with great loot. The only issue is you’ll have to go door-to-door, so make sure to use the balconies and windows for easy access. There is typically a few items that spawn at the center of this location but we highly recommend that you don’t go for this loot. You will have no cover and it’s really easy to die when you’re picking up items. Stick to the buildings and always listen for people opening doors. This is a great way to track your targets and know if someone else is raiding the same motel.


  • Training Center: It’s no surprise that one of the biggest locations is great for squads. There is a ton of a loot that spawns here ranging from high-end weapons to level 3 armor. You should always expect a fight landing here, but if you can survive the chaos then your team will be fully equipped.


  • Manufacturing: Another fantastic area for a squad, this area typically contains a nice collection of weapons and armor. While we didn’t find a ton of level 3 loot, there was enough for most of our squad to wear level 2 vests and helmets. It’s also located right by one of the key bridges, which is a great camping spot if the circle is on either side of the river.


  • Coastal: A personal favorite, Coastal is a lesser used drop location that has a solid amount of loot.  This shanty town is situated on the north side of the map and is surrounded by small outposts and factories. The loot is generally quite nice, but you might need to rummage through the outer areas to really prep yourself. What’s great about Coastal is you can almost always find a boat nearby, making transportation for your squad easy. Being able to remove the worry about being caught in the circle only leaves you more time to gear up.


  • The Bootcamps: The three different bootcamps are certainly shaping up as some of the best locations to drop in Savage. Each one is usually filled with level 2 and 3 loot, along with a plethora of different weapons and attachments. Due to the contested nature of these areas, we highly recommend having your squad deploy in one of the four corners. These locations are walled in, meaning you can isolate yourself and ensure that your back is cover at all times. Avoid scattering where your team drops here, even if it costs everyone getting a ton of loot right away.

Keep in mind these are only our suggestions for the best locations currently to drop in the Savage map. Bluehole Studios constantly update their levels, so it’s possible that the quality of loot changes for these locations in PUBG. We will constantly update this post as this happens. so make sure to check back with us.

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