How to Get and Spend Cash in Radical Heights

Radical Heights

If you want to survive the 1980s inspired battle royale game then you will need some funds. Cash is king in this game, as it allows players to purchase whatever they would need in a fight. However, money isn’t simply handed out to you and it can be lost if you’re killed during a match. Thankfully, there are multiple ways to earn, spend, and even save your hard earn cash. Here is a breakdown of how money works in Radical Heights and how you can ensure you have some in-game.

Radical Heights is currently in Early Access, which means anything can change. This guide is reflective of the mechanics at the time of writing it.

Earning Cash

Radical Heights

If you want to survive the mean streets of Radical Heights then your priority should be obtaining as much cash as possible. The easiest way to obtain it is by picking up the stacks of money lying around the map. These can be found in virtually every building, but some locations to consider visiting first include stores or gas stations. This is because you can typically find cash registers or ATMs, both of which offer up money when destroyed. Any item with cash in it will be marked with a golden dollar sign.

Additionally, you can pick up any cash that you find on dead bodies. Like Fortnite, the items an enemy is carrying will scatter around their corpse when they die. Make sure to always pick up the extra cash lying on the ground. Users can also deconstruct weapons for money, but the riskiest way to earn money is via the different game shows.

Our personal favorite is Cash Drop, which has money literally rain down from above in certain areas. All you have to do is stand in the marked zone to progressively earn money. Keep in mind that enemies can kill you while you sit here, so we recommend only sticking around for a bit before bolting. Radical Heights will alert players to these events via an announcer and a marker on your map. Finally, you can earn money by winning the match, but this is obviously the most uncommon method. You will double any of the money you have on your character if you win a match.

Saving Cash

When you die in Radical Heights a percentage of the money you’re carrying will be lost. To prevent this, users can visit the various ATMs around the map and deposit money. You can only deposit and withdrawal cash in $100 chunks, so it will take some time if you’re carrying a lot. Any action will interrupt the transaction, so wait until the circular bar is filled. Since everyone is still learning the game, it’s smart to not carry a ton of money on you.

Spending Cash

Radical Heights

Now that you have some money weighing down your pockets you’ll want some places to spend it. The best place is at the various vending machines scattered across the map. These machines can contain everything from useful items to armor to weapons. The cost of the item is displayed at the top of the machine over whatever you’re going to purchase. You need to have the money on your character and not simply in an ATM.

There are no refunds of any kind, so make sure to be smart with what you buy. Users can also buy various cosmetic items that are found scattered throughout the world. Remember, you will need to discover that clothing item in-game first before it can be purchased with cash.

Balancing your cash intake and expenditure is critical if you want to survive. Always keep a lookout for vending machines and places to deposit your money. Try to only carry around what you actually need, especially as the play area shrinks.

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