Radical Heights Steam Reviews Trash Game & Optimization

Radical Heights Steam Reviews

Radical Heights, another contender in the quickly growing battle royale genre, released today on Steam via Early Access and has received mostly negative reviews so far.

Radical Heights looks to turn the battle royale genre on its head by taking it back to the 1980s with flamboyant hairstyles, over-the-top game shows and wacky clothing that will surely make the game appealing to anyone making a quick glance at the game.

If you’re interested in downloading the game you have to go to the Steam Store Page where you’ll quickly be discouraged from doing so. At the time of this writing the reviews are sitting at “Mostly Negative” with 655 total reviews, which is, well, mostly negative.

Much of the criticism for the game comes from the alleged poor optimization. Players are reporting really poor performance even on mid to high-end components.

Here are couple of snippets from the Steam reviews showcasing their issues with the game:

Oh boy! it’s another Early access free to play battle royale game with zero effort on it, this game is going to flop in 2 months just like lawbreakers, it’s an unoptimized mess with waiting times in the lobby room longer than waiting for the dentist, the Duo function is not even well implemented since the games put you on the waiting room forever and the squad mode is non existant and once you spawn in the game frames will drop like crazy since the game needs atleast 8gb of RAM for no reason, i would not recommend this to anyone, if cliffy B is reading this, are you gonna end your life tonight soon?

In my own testing with the game, albeit just one match, I averaged around 90 FPS in combat at 1080p with all settings on high. My rig does consist of an i7-8700k and a GTX 1080 so it’s possible this PC was able to muscle its way through any problems it encountered.

The developers list recommended specs as needed an i5-6600k or Ryzen 5 1600 on the CPU side while asking for a GTX 1060 3 GB or RX 580 4 GB on the GPU side. That will firmly put things in the mid-range setups but the minimum requirements go much lower than that. The recommended specs are designed to get players 60 FPS at 1080p.

Probably worst game I have played in a long time.
And this is coming from a neutral player since I dont like Fornite and I dont like PUBG.

The concept is great, but the execution is terrible.
All weapons suck, servers are laggy. Animations dont seem right,
The biking is the worst biking mechanic ever, when you exit your bike you crouch,
The terrain isnt functional, there are mountains where there arent and you clip trough some.
and many many more bugs

I hope this gets better overtime, but right now it’s not worth anybody’s time

Radical Heights comes from Boss Key Productions, better known as the developers behind Lawbreakers. Lawbreakers was warmly received by critics but never found a way to create a foothold for itself. Boss Key has called Radical Heights a “passion project” of theirs so there will certainly be more updates coming in the future.

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