5 BattleHand Heroes Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

BattleHand Heroes TrailerCalling all Super Heroes! The interdimensional being Omega has settled in Silver City to bring chaos and destruction. Crime is through the roof! Play BattleHand Heroes for free @ kongregate.com/pages/battlehand-heroes-mobile Take Mr. Sunshine and his incredible powers and build a team of Heroes known as The Sentinels to take back the city from evil. From…2018-05-09T22:49:42Z

Silver City is under attack! And the only one who can save it is you.

Of course you won’t be accomplishing that task by your lonesome. In order to defeat the interdimensional villain known as Omega, you’ll need help. The assistance you’ll need will come in the form of some nifty heroes, such as Mr. Sunshine, Cloud-9, and the Kitty Karma. BattleHand Heroes lets you put together a super team who heads into battle to destroy all manners of baddies. Taking down all the threats that are invading Silver City may be an insurmountable odd, but this tips guide should make things a bit easier to handle.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for BattleHand Heroes:

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1. Get Familiar With Each Elemental Type and Their Strength/Weakness

BattleHand Heroes Tips


• Once you get involved in battle, pay close attention to the enemy type you’re standing across from. You should also keep your party members’ elemental affiliations in mind. You’ll notice that when you’re selecting an attack for your next move, an upward pointing arrow by a targeted enemy will notify you that they’re weak against that attack’s element. There’s a total of five elements in BattleHand Heroes – Fire, Earth, Air, Spirit, and Water. As for what each element is strong and weak against, refer to the list posted below:

– Fire > Earth
– Earth > Air
– Air > Spirit
– Spirit > Water
– Water > Fire

2. The Path to Victory

BattleHand Heroes Tips


• Most of the enemy encounters you’ll run into have more than one wave of baddies to vanquish. The first two waves of villains you encounter will probably hit your party pretty hard by the time the final wave enters the fray. That’s why it’s always good to have at least one of your party members equipped with a Shield Card, as well as a Healing Card. You should always have an offense focused hero on deck as well since they’ll be the one dishing out all the big damage. Every hero in your current party should have a Melee and Ranged Attack card in their deck. And when it’s finally time to unleash any one of your heroes’ super attack, save its activation for the final wave of enemies.

3. Build the Right Deck!

BattleHand Heroes Tips


• Each hero in BattleHand Heroes has access to three different decks that all feature six cards. Over time, you’ll be able to forge new card types that are instantly added to a hero’s card collection. Your strongest hero should have a deck primarily focused on dishing out attacks to a single foe and several in one move. It’s always smart to feature a current party member who has access to a wealth of debuff curing abilities and shielding maneuvers, too.

• You’ll obtain character specific Boosters just by completing Crime Map missions and other assorted tasks. These Boosters are used to upgrade a Hero’s suite of cards. Just focus on improving your most powerful and beneficial cards through this simple method. Don’t forget to Evolve any of your cards – once you have multiple versions of one card type, you can activate this action and raise that card type’s star level and stats.

4. Focus on Completing Those Missions

BattleHand Heroes features Regular Missions and Daily Missions. You’ll gather a bevy of helpful collectibles just by completing an assortment of both mission types. Completing missions and other tasks also leads to an increase in your Fame Level, which in turn gives you some permanent upgrades once your Max Hero Level goes up. You’ll finally be able to link up with Alliance once you hit Fame Level Six.

• An increase in your Hero Level then gives you the chance to enlist more heroes (at Hero Level Seven) and raise your heroes’ cards to even higher levels. Remember this – you’re unable to upgrade your Hero Level beyond your own Fame Level. And the only way to to raise the level cap of any of your heroes is by increasing your Fame Level.

5. Play Everyday and Be Sure to Bask in All Your Newly Collected Goodies

BattleHand Heroes Tips


• It should come as no surprise that BattleHand Heroes greatly rewards its most dedicated players. Logging in every day means you’ll gain access to an assortment of goodies. Be sure to log-in for 31 days straight to claim every reward. Remember – the log-in reward calendar doesn’t switch up to new rewards until you finish the current one. Don’t forget to check your Mailbox, too – there might be some reward opportunities hiding in there from time to time.

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