7 Love Balls Tips To Help You Beat More Levels

7 Love Balls Tips To Help You Beat More Levels

The unfortunately named Love Balls is a mobile game featuring two different colored balls, one pink and one blue. At the start of each level, there are various geometric green shapes and the two balls are placed somewhere on the screen.

The player must draw as few lines as possible in order to cause these balls to roll into each other. Once the first line is drawn, both the line and the balls will drop. The idea is for players to keep in mind how gravity works and how their lines will affect the balls.

Love Balls may seem easy as pie at first, but there will come levels where you will be tempted to hit that hint button. The green obstacles can come in all sorts of shapes and patterns that will not make immediate sense. Sometimes it takes a little thinking outside of the box, sometimes it takes experimentation.

You might think that as a human, you have a rather intimate relationship with gravity (it is what keeps you stuck to the Earth after all), but that logic will only get you so far in Love Balls. This game introduces new shapes and situations that most people are unlikely to encounter in their daily lives.

It is also important to keep in mind that Love Balls has the benefit of being fairly accurate without a stylus. It might seem like the perfect game to play if you have a stylus, but it is absolutely not necessary; making a line in Love Balls is smooth and easy.

That said if you can’t seem to find a way to get these two Love Balls together, and you don’t want to hit the hint button because it feels like cheating, check out our 7 Love Balls Tips To Help You Beat More Levels below:

1. Watch Your Ink

The important thing to remember about Love Balls is that you do not have unlimited ink. Each level has a certain amount of ink you can use. The total amount is all the more limited if you want to gain three stars.

You can see the bar at the top of your screen on each level, so keep an eye on it while you’re drawing the lines. The amount of ink used is determined by how long your lines are and how many of them you make – so two short lines are not going to use as much ink as a very long line.

Most importantly, you win the level the moment the two balls touch – they don’t need to be completely safe the moment they do, only the moment of collision is important.

2. Trial And Error

Love Balls Tips

Don’t be afraid to replay a bunch of times, it is more important to learn the level before trying to win it with the most stars. This may seem like frivolous advice for the first 40 levels or so, but the game will throw plenty of curve balls at you without explaining them.

Luckily, if the game does introduce something new, it will be a very easy level. This will get you used to the idea, hopefully, so you can solve the next puzzle easily enough. However, knowing what the obstacles do, doesn’t mean you know how to solve the level. As such, you will need to experiment with a variety of shapes, sizes, angles, and balance. Once you’re sure you have it, by all means, try to cut down the amount of ink you used to get those three stars.

3. Play In Order

As the above implied, in order to properly learn new mechanics and how to deal with them, you must play the levels in order. Sure, you can skip a tougher level now and then, but if there something new to deal with you will need to adhere to tip number two: Trial and Error.

Again, Love Balls does not always show the player right away what to do with a new mechanic. The fence, for example, appeared completely unannounced. If you haven’t hit that level already, the fence stops your ink, you can’t draw over it. As such, the idea is to learn your way around lines that promote acceleration in the direction you need. For more on which lines and shapes do what, keep reading.

4. Remember What Love Balls Taught You

Love Balls Tips

Other than a whole new avenue of puns, you must remember that each level in Love Balls is trying to teach you something. For example, level 70 is trying to teach the player how to make a line that won’t fall through the gaps and make a bridge from one ball to the other.

Even if you figure out, the margin for error and use of too much ink is very slim indeed. You will need to learn how to make the shortest but most effective line possible. This will help you in almost all future levels so you will need to keep it in mind as you go and possibly get stuck.

5. Love Ball Coins

The in-game currency of Love Balls are called coins and can be used to purchase a variety of skins for the balls, background, and pen of each level. The current options for the balls are pirates, a Flintstone callback, wizards, unicorns, pigs, ancient Egyptian, royalty, and Vikings.

The backgrounds available are in relation to each ball skin, like a throne for the royals and a pirate ship for the pirates. The pens are simply a few modern pens you might find in your office, save for the most expensive, a quill.

All of these items are purely cosmetic and will provide absolutely no advantage (or disadvantage) in any of the levels. If you would like to support the app and its developers, you can purchase the ad-free version for approximately $3.99 USD.

6. Common Lines And Structures

A few common lines and structures are the short curve, boxes, triangles, hooked slopes, and hearts. The short curve, usually a concave one to be precise, will accelerate the ball it drops on – the longer the distance it drops, the more acceleration you’ll get.

The box is important to stop a ball from rolling too far and to hang on the end of a line for balance. Use the latter with caution, as the larger the box, the more weight that side of the line will have. Triangles, usually the acute or right angle variety, can provide either a solid slope for a ball to roll down, or to stop a ball much like a box would.

Hooked slopes, or any hook at the end of a line, are important to keep a line hanging where you need it to. Make sure that the hook does not block the path of another ball or that it is at least small enough that speed can overcome it.

Hearts are the superfluous version of the V shape, which can forgo the need for balance and bring the two balls together without hassle. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to enclose the V to avoid any obstructions, like yellow balls.

If you have any more common lines or structures to add, please comment below and we’ll update this page.

7. Use the Lines and Obstacles To Your Advantage

Love Balls Tips

Lines fall, have weight, and obstacles can be your friend. It important to remember all of these aspects when figuring out each level. For example, on level 77 requires the player to use one obstacle and the weight of the line to make a “swing.” This pushes the blue ball in the direction you need it to.

In addition, the longer a line has to fall, the more force it will exert on the ball. If angled correctly, you can really gain some speed with a very short line. The shapes you make fall too so you might need to utilize hooks or make your shape smaller so it doesn’t fall off the screen before the Love Balls meet.

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