Pokemon Go Adventure Week Special Box: Is It Worth It?

pokemon go adventure week special box


Adventure Week is in Pokemon Go from now until June 5 according to Niantic, and with the event comes three brand new Special Boxes in the in-game shop offering bundles of useful items. But is the Pokemon Go Adventure Week Special Box worth it? Let’s dive in and find out.

Here are the contents of each of the three bundles as well as what kinds of savings you’re looking at when buying them:

Special Box – 480 Coins

  • 3 Egg Incubators (Value of 450 Coins)
  • 5 Lucky Eggs (400 Coins)
  • 3 Incense (240 Coins)
  • Total Value of Each Item: 1,090 Coins
    Savings: 610 Coins

    Great Box – 780 Coins

  • 6 Incense (Value of 480 Coins)
  • 6 Super Incubators (1,200 Coins)
  • 8 Lucky Eggs (640 Coins)
  • 6 Lure Modules (600 Coins)
  • Total Value of Each Item: 2,440 Coins
    Savings: 1,660 Coins

    Ultra Box – 1,480 Coins

  • 12 Super Incubators (Value of 2,400 Coins)
  • 15 Lucky Eggs (1,200 Coins)
  • 8 Premium Raid Passes (800 Coins)
  • 15 Lure Modules (1,500 Coins)
  • Total Value: 5,900 Coins
    Savings: 4,420 Coins

    For a limited time you can buy Super Incubators and Star Pieces individually. Super Incubators, which hatch Eggs quicker, cost 200 Coins per Incubator. Star Pieces, which lets you earn 50 percent more Stardust for 30 minutes, are 400 Coins for eight.

    Lucky Eggs, which earn you double XP for 30 minutes, are normally 80 Coins for one, 500 for eight, or 1,250 for 25. Incense, which attracts Pokemon to your location for 30 minutes, are normally 80 Coins for one, 500 for eight, or 1,250 for 25. Lure Modules, which attract Pokemon to a PokeStop for 30 minutes, are normally 100 Coins for one or 680 for eight. Premium Raid Passes are normally 100 Coins for one.

    Now each of these bundles offers you way more bang for your buck, that much is true. However, these Special Boxes offer less items than Special Boxes for previous events. For instance, the Special Box for the last Community Day offered two Super Incubators, six Lucky Eggs, six Star Pieces, and 30 Ultra Balls for the same 480 Coins. Plus all three bundles for Community Day offered Ultra Balls, which you normally can’t buy. The Adventure Week Ultra Box offers two more Super Incubators than the Community Day Ultra Box but the Community Day Ultra Box offered two extra Premium Raid Passes and seven more Lucky Eggs.

    But if you’re in need of Super Incubators, then buying the Great or Ultra Boxes is a much better deal than buying them individually and the extra items are a nice bonus. However if you need Lucky Eggs or Incense then you can by 25 of each for 1,250 Coins each. You can also buy 16 Lure Modules for 1,360 Coins (or eight for 680 Coins). It’s a much better deal than buying the bundles if you just want Lucky Eggs, Incense, or Lure Modules.

    Either way it would be a good idea to save your coins for the next Community Day on June 16.

    During Adventure Week you can find unique Field Research quests from spinning PokeStops that you can complete for different rewards. If you complete a certain request then you can encounter an Aerodactyl that has a chance of being shiny, according to The Silph Road. You can also encounter shiny Kabuto and Omanyte in the wild.

    In addition, you’ll earn 2,100 XP for spinning a PokeStop or Gym you’ve never encountered before, according to the Silph Road. Plus, Buddy Pokemon earn candy four times faster and there are new item bundles in the in-game shop. Rock-type Pokemon will also be more common.

    Latios and Latias will be available in Raid Battles until June 5 while Ho-Oh will be available until June 7, according to our previous reports.

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