Pokemon Go: Alolan Forms Are Coming

pokemon go alolan forms


The Alolan forms of Kanto region Pokemon are coming to Pokemon Go, Niantic announced.

The Alolan forms were introduced to the Pokemon series in Pokemon Sun and Moon. The lore of the forms is that Pokemon that migrated from the Kanto region to the Alolan region changed to adapt to the new ecosystem. Each Alolan form not only changes the appearance of the original Pokemon but also the stats and even the typing. For instance, Vulpix turns from a fire-type into a ice and fairy-type.

Niantic said that they were coming to Pokemon Go “in the coming weeks.” However we don’t know if they will be all included at the same time or drip fed like other releases of Pokemon from different regions. We will update the article as each Alolan form is released.

Update (May 30, 2018): Exeggutor’s Alolan form was released in Pokemon Go, as confirmed by developer Niantic. The grass/dragon-type Pokemon will be encountered more often for a limited time. The release of the Pokemon coincides with yesterday’s Pokemon 2018 Video Game Press Conference, where Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee and Pokemon Quest were announced.

The picture Niantic provided in the news update has the Alolan forms blackened out but we already know from Sun and Moon which Pokemon will receive new forms. Here’s a list of the Alolan Pokemon and their typing changes:

Rattata – Dark / Normal

Raticate – Dark / Normal

Raichu – Electric / Psychic

Sandshrew – Ice / Steel

SandSlash – Ice / Steel

Vulpix – Ice / Fairy

Ninetails – Ice / Fairy

Diglett – Ground / Steel

Dugtrio – Ground / Steel

Meowth – Dark

Persian – Dark

Geodude – Rock / Electric

Graveler – Rock / Electric

Golem – Rock / Electric

Grimer – Poison / Dark

Muk – Poison / Dark

Exeggutor – Grass / Dragon

Marowak Ghost / Fire

We know that Exeggutor is a top tier Pokemon and the dragon typing will only make it stronger despite having a double weakness to ice type moves. Pokemon like Marowak, Dugtrio, and Raichu may also become more viable thanks to their effective type combinations.

Community Day was held over the weekend, allowing players to catch a Charmander who can grow up to learn the powerful Blast Burn. Users also got an increased chance to capture a shiny variant of the Pokemon.

In addition, Ho-Oh was released again and is available from now until June 7. Users also have an increased chance of encountering a Shiny version. Latias and Latios are also available to fight and will remain in their designated regions according to Niantic.

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