Here is the Best Beginner Class in Realm Royale

Realm Royale best class

If you are looking to jump into the latest battle royale game – Realm Royale – then you’ll want to pick a strong starting class. Unlike other titles in this genre, users will have a choice of five different characters at the start of the game. These are Warrior, Mage, Engineer, Hunter, and Assassin – each of which has unique skills and passives tied to them. This can make picking and learning the right person a big intimidating since a class system is not common in this genre.

Keep in mind every class in Realm Royale is useful, but some have a far higher learning curve than others. It’s important to first learn the basic mechanics and design of the game before moving onto complicated hero skills. Here is a breakdown of the two best characters we suggest trying for beginners:


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The brute of Realm Royale is the Warrior class. This hero has the passive ability to regenerate 5 health per second, giving them a healthy amount of sustainability in the early to mid-game. In areas where resources are hotly contested, being able to escape from a fight and heal can certainly save you from being turned into a chicken. A constant source of health game also lets you get a bit more aggressive than some players might expect.

His mobility skill is called Heroic Leap and it allows Warriors to launch themselves in whatever direction they are facing. This long jump gives users a good amount of versatility during fights. If you want to engage an enemy, using Heroic Leap lets you get right up in their face or behind them. It’s great for catching foes off guard and secure an easy kill. Inversely, Heroic Leap is a fantastic disengage option, allowing smart players to quickly leap to cover or their team.

As for the rest of the Warrior’s abilities, players have access to some great support effects that can keep your team alive. This character can both shield and heal allies quickly, allowing them to get back into the fight. Additionally, users can throw out a new that drastically slows a target’s movement speed, making them easy to pick off. If you’re looking for something more aggressive, then the Warrior can use a charge that deals damage to people he hits.

Finally, the Warriors Class Weapon is a throwing axe that does 800 damage per hit. You have an infinite amount of these and a skilled player can quickly dispatch foes. You may need to practice your throws since there is a slight delay when it hits a target. This can take a lot of players by surprise, giving the Warrior a huge amount of burst damage potential.

We recommend picking the Warrior if you want to play aggressively, accept that you’ll tank some damage, and support your teammates. A good Warrior can dive in and secure a kill, allowing his team to follow up by eliminating other foes. He has an extremely easy to learn kit and there’s a nice nuance to his skills.


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For the more defensive players, the Engineer offers a strong mix of utility that can keep his foes guessing. The Engineer’s passive is being able to gain 5 points of armor per second, which is quite useful in the late game when you’re out of armor recovering potions. It doesn’t have the sustainability of the Warrior, but it’s nice to have when you’re in a tricky firefight.

The only downside to the Engineer is his mobility skill which is just a really fast jump into the air. You can gain a considerable amount of air, but the tactical applications are a little limited based on the environment you fight in. Open fields and forests won’t offer a ton of escape options, so try to stick near buildings where you have more verticality.

It’s the variety of abilities that really help the Engineer stand out. He is able to deploy up to two turrets that will automatically fire on foes and form a barrier that can block incoming damage. He also possesses a bomb that creates a circle of fire which damages anyone who stands it. Finally, this class can drop a healing totem that will create an aura around it that helps users recover HP. It’s not a huge amount, but being able to heal everyone in your squad is invaluable.

His class weapon is a grenade launcher that does 800 damage and can quickly force enemies out of position. This hero is perfect for those who want to support their team with more than just healing. The large pool of skills gives Engineer players a lot of options, which is great given how unpredictable this mode is. He’s a fantastic starting character that can easily turn around a lost fight with a well-placed turret or healing totem.

If you’re looking for something more advanced than try the Assassin and Hunter. Both have high skill caps but are probably the best heroes in the game. These characters may take more time to learn, but they are worth it if you can master their skills.

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