FIFA 19 Release Date Revealed

FIFA 19 has officially arrived at E3! EA had revealed that FIFA 19 will be coming to us September 28, 2018, and with plenty of exciting new features. First and foremost, EA announced that Champions League will be a part of every game mode, including tournament, career, the journey with Alex Hunter, and ultimate team. This has been something that was sorely missing from FIFA 18 and fans are sure to look forward to the inclusion in FIFA 19.

Secondly, the development team stated that gameplay will involve even more control than ever; every move can have your personal tactical touch. Hopefully, this means that accomplishing special moves will be more difficult and the game is more immersive.

Third, EA also boasts that FIFA 19 will have the world’s currently most popular and biggest team, so we can all look forward to reenacting our favorite matches.

Other details are a little smaller, like the inclusion of rain in the trailer, suggesting that weather might finally be a factor in gameplay. Furthermore, the trailer featured music from the esteemed Hans Zimmer so we might be seeing more of his music in the game itself. A victory composed by Zimmer himself would certainly make the moment all the more fulfilling.

All that said, it doesn’t look like the graphics are that much better than FIFA 18, which is somewhat understandable since both games are made on the same engine. Nothing was mentioned about the single-player campaign, save that we would be meeting Alex Hunter again and following his career. Fans are still hoping for more RPG elements that actually impact the story and gameplay, or at least feel like their decisions are impacting the game.

It is not particularly surprising that EA neglected to address a lot of concerns that fans have had, but we can always hope that the next set of details will include more about the gameplay and single player, not just the Champion League and multiplayer modes. EA did state that more details on the game will be coming as the release date approaches.

As an aside, EA took the opportunity to announce that the FIFA World Cup will be coming to FIFA 18 as a free DLC. This event will be going on at the same time as the real World Cup in Russia. EA didn’t mention any more details, but hopefully, there will be all kinds of new goodies to win, like jerseys and players.

There will also be a free trial for anyone wanting to try FIFA 18 – the game will be free for a short time and will include all teams, players, and modes. The trial will be on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. As this is coupled with the announcement of a game coming next year, it might be best for new players to become familiar with FIFA 18 for free before diving into FIFA 19 for the full price. This way, if new players realize that soccer games are not for them, then they won’t have dug too deeply into their wallet for the season.

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