How to Get Shards for the Forge in Realm Royale

Realm Royale Shards

Realm Royale is the latest battle royale game to challenge Fortnite for the multiplayer throne. Unlike other titles in this genre, players are able to pick from five different classes before a match starts. Along with this, players can forge weapons, armor, and abilities that can easily turn the tide of battle. However, in order to actually obtain these items, you’ll need to collect a consumable item called Shards.

Here is a breakdown of where to find and how to use Shards in Realm Royale:

Author’s Note: Realm Royale is still in Alpha so any of the information below is subject to change. If anything is altered we will update this guide with the current information. 

How to Get Shards

One of the most common and easiest methods for obtaining Shards is by dismantling equipment you find. How you find the item doesn’t matter, as any weapon, armor piece, or ability that has dropped can be dismantled. The only exception to this are forge items since there’s a cooldown period where only the crafter can interact with that object.

To actually deconstruct an item into Shards, approach it and press the X key. This will instantly dismantle the item and add Shards into your inventory. The number of Shards you get will show up next to the dismantle symbol. We recommend grabbing as many shards as you can early on. Since you cannot equip lower rarity gear than what is currently on your hero, you’ll be free to dismantle anything that can’t be equipped. Additionally, weapons can also be broken down, so once you find the guns you like then just take apart everything else.

Finally, you can also get shards by downing players and transforming them into chickens. Realm Royale will reward you 50 Shards for a successful knockdown, so skill users can quickly obtain a sizable amount of materials. This is risky, however, since you’ll have to put yourself in harm’s way to do this.

What are Shards Used For?

Realm Royale Forge (1)

Now that you have a ton of Shards what do you actually spend them on? In Realm Royale there are Forges scattered throughout the map that can be used to craft powerful items. The only material these forges take are Shards and you’ll need a substantial amount. Here is how much each Legendary item will cost you to forge:

  • Legendary Armor Piece – 60 Shards
  • Legendary Class Ability – 90 Shards
  • Legendary Class Weapon – 120 Shards

Once you find a Forge, go up to an hold down the interact key until a menu is brought up. From here you can craft armor potions, health potions, and any of the legendary items listed above. After selecting your item you’ll need to wait 60 seconds until that item is fully constructed. During this period everyone can see that the Forge is active thanks to the smoke cloud coming out of the chimney.

If you successfully defend your Forge until the timer is done then you can go collect your item. Don’t worry about others taking it since there’s a 10-second timer that locks everyone out but the person who made the item. Crafting Legendary items is one of the most important things you can do in Realm Royale. It will give you a big edge in fights since they offer significant stat increases.

Make sure to always collect every Shard you come across so you can make Legendary gear in the mid-game.

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